Saturday, February 4, 2012

February & early valentines

Well, it's four days into the second month of the year already! This month is consumed with hearts, red, chocolates, roses, pink and other expensive ploys to display your love to another. Don't get me wrong, I like Valentine's Day. We have holidays for just about every thing else under the sun so why not focus on showing extra attention to your loved ones. Tyler and I used to make a bigger deal out of the day, as do most new couples. Now, it's a great excuse to have a date night where we eat somewhere special and might go to a movie but most especially we have a conversation/dinner/night out with no kids! Remember, how I said Ansley is getting hard to eat out with.....

The point of all this valentines talk is to tell you about how this year we sort of exchanged valentines a little early, by mistake. I was trying to be ahead of the game and save money (sure only a few dollars, but still money) While surfing through one of my couponing blogs, I saw where you could design a free card and mail it to yourself for free, as well. So I made Tyler a valentines card, well I used one of their designs and added a picture of ourselves....

Then a couple weeks went by and I forgot about it. And of course when it came in the mail you know who was the one to get and open the mail that day. He tried to put the stack of mail on the counter and act as if I wouldn't know. I was pretty devastated that my plan didn't work out! But then I thought, "You know, it had the same affect and maybe even seemed more special since it was just an ordinary day." So I got over myself and decided it was just as well I started being a little more spontaneous with my romantic-ness.

Last week, I got my own early valentines, too. Not sure if he was trying to follow suit in reply to mine or if it was just because he got the flowers and heart shaped bowl offered to him to give to me. (Most likely the latter!) But I found this one morning while I was fixing breakfast for myself and the kids.....

I loved it and felt it set the perfect statement for this Valentines of 2012. We don't have to wait for February 14th to express our love for one another through flowers, cards, chocolates and such. Spontaneous little love notes are better anyway!

Now, onto my February goals! I really enjoyed having the list printed to see each day where I should be spending my extra time. It helped me to realistically stay on track of my goals. This is a shorter month and I don't have a lot in mind other than just staying in a cleaning/organizing routine! Which got a little old towards the end of Jan, I must say, so I hope I can stay motivated to get things done!

Week 1.5 (since the first week is already gone)
Sun & Mon-
  • work on laundry
  • tidy up toys and tables
  • work Sunday night
  • plan dinner both nights
  • finish taxes
Tues & Wed-
  • mop floors (didn't do them last week)
  • put away Christmas cards in album
  • clean out car
  • work on coupons
  • Go to Ga for hair cut (didn't do last month)
 Thurs & Fri-
  • clean bathrooms
  • work on laundry
  • place items on eBay
  • make pacifier holders! (didn't do again!)
  • work Friday night
  • plan dinner for both nights
  • straighten up tables and mail
  • re pot plants
  • clean up kitchen counters
  • work on coupons
  • Valentine's date night
  • work Sunday night
  • plan dinner for 2 of these nights
Week 2:
Tues & Wednesday-
  • work on laundry
  • work on sale items (eBay/Craigslist)
  • clean up dressers
  • clean floors
  • put frames on mantle
  • grocery store
  • dinners
Thursday & Friday-
  • clean up bathrooms
  • small freezer cooking day
  • get Tyler ready for trip to Honduras
  • give dogs a bath (weather permitting)
  • work on blog some more
Sat -Mon-
  • tidy up toys and tables
  • clean up kitchen
  • work on Garyn's valentines
  • work Sunday night
Week 3:
Tues & Wed-
  • work on laundry
  • take things to donate
  • clean up magazines
  • work on Ansley's album
  • clean floors
Thurs & Fri-
  • clean bathrooms
  • go to Creative Discovery Museum
  • clean up Ansley & Garyn's room
  • work on Garyn's chore chart
Sat & Mon-
  • pick up Tyler
  • enjoy the weekend
  • tidy up house
  • work Sunday night
Week 4:
Tues & Wed
  • work on bills
  • clean floors
  • plan dinners
  • look at MOPS cards
  • list items to sell
Thurs & Fri-
  • finish any undone goals
  • post March goals!

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