Monday, February 6, 2012


I am so excited to finally have done this! I was forced to do it, too, because yesterday Ansley's one plastic one broke. At the rate I was going, she was going to be done with pacifiers before I got them done. I am also frustrated that I procrastinated when it only took all of 15 minutes to do! So easy, its not even funny!

Quick run down:

  1. Buy lettered pins, ribbon, self adhesive Velcro and alligator clips (all from Hobby Lobby)
  2. Pop open lettered pin and remove pin (unless you want to use that instead of the clip)
  3. Cut ribbon to desired length and hot glue to letter
  4. Hot clue alligator clip
  5. Place Velcro pieces at bottom of ribbon leaving space in between
  6. Cut Velcro if needed (mine were circles and bigger than the ribbon width)

And presto! you have a cute personalized pacifier holder for less than $2 each!
Now, to see how long they stay together will be the kicker!

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