Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Break Beach Trip

Back a month and a half ago we took a short but fun beach trip courtesy of Nana and Poppa (my in-laws). It was one of those last minute, spontaneous trips. They said "Hey we are going if you want to tag along" and we said "Hey, why not!" We went to Gulf Shores, which we had not been to. It was a very relaxing trip. We loved just hanging out together and eating out at some fun places.

The trip down was loooonnngg with a 11 month old who doesn't like the car very much! But we made the most of it and Garyn couldn't wait!

Once there we did all the typical beach trip fun.......
Garyn still prefers the water over the sand.

This was Ansley's first time actually in the ocean. Her first trip she slept most of the time we were on the beach. Anyway, she seemed to like it for a minute. But then once the water got too high on her she changed her mind and wouldn't ever go back in without clinging to us.

So Ansley is the opposite and likes the sand.

I think I am going to have a new tanning buddy! :)

While we were there we also went on a catamaran boat trip. We got to see a couple dolphins and lots of beautiful scenery. They had a net style sitting area that you could look through to see in the water.

     Ansley and Nana stayed behind so Garyn got lots of mommy attention! Love my little buddy time :)

                                                       He even got to drive the boat!

Me and my love :)

Philip, (Tyler's bro) Kadie (P's love), Jack (Poppa) and Tyler taking in the views

We ate at some fun places too!
This is at Lulu's which is Jimmy Buffet's sister's restaurant. It was really a fun atmosphere.

                                                            Nana and goofy Poppa

                                                                 Philip and Kadie

Then we also ate at Tacky Jack's. Another laid back family atmosphere.

   This was a sand pit play area for kids at the restaurant

Goofy boy!

Examples of what happens when I try to get a pic of both of them.
One smiles or acts goofy and the other turns away.

We also did Garyn's favorite thing....mini golf!

And of course, more fun beach and pool time....

Ansley surprised me and didnt' try to get away from us in the pool. Think she had a healthy fear of the water. She loved splashy and watching big brother jump.

Must have those sunglasses on!

Annnddd we get to go to the beach again in June plus next week we are going to Disney World!!! SSSsshhhHH don't tell Garyn! I am definitely feeling spoiled this year. Love spending time with my family though!

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