Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ansley is 1 year!

Its official....Ansley is one! She is no longer an infant but a toddler. She will always be my baby though.

We celebrated on her birthday at home as a family with a cupcake Nana brought.....
She never got really messy, but enjoyed the icing. She didn't like the cake though, which surprised me.

We enjoyed our small family dinner and she did, too, more than I realized.......I'll explain later

Here are some of her monthly pics.....

{my favorite}

{I was sad thinking this was the last of the monthly updates while taking these 12 month pics}
{wouldn't stay still for this shot}

{They think the other is just hilarious}

{my sweeties!}

Monthly updates:
  • She is blossoming into a toddler quickly.
  • Her hair is longer and thicker, she walks well and runs.
  • She climbs too well!
  • She has started eating small bites of food and drinking milk from a sippy cup.
  • She mimics; she loves to "clean" wiping everything with a rag and sweeping floors, too!
  • She is saying more words: ball, uh oh, nana, hey, baby and dog.
  • For a couple weeks, she has been sleeping from 8 or 9 til at least 6am.
  • Her naps are also longer & sometimes only takes one for 2-3 hours!
  • She waves, claps and dances on command.
  • Still only has one tooth!
  • Weighs 19 lbs 4 oz and 30 1/2 inches long = tall and thin
  • And has started a ear piercing squeal when happy :)
This is from her actual birthday in her party outfit, I hadn't put the big bow on her til now and just thought it was so cute and fitting!

{This was my rocker :) }

Now for party day pictures! I must mention, Garyn was confused on the fact that her party was not on her actual birthday. He kept asking "So is it her birthday today?" "Why can't we have her party?". I thought I had explained it,but then on the party morning, he started telling her happy birthday and saying she was one year old now! It was cute.....and another side note : He wanted to get her a wii remote, go figure!

{One of her 2 beautiful cupcake-cakes}
{My niece Lorna and Ansley}
{Gamama, Ansley, & cousins: Lindsey, Hannah and Mandy}

Back to her disliking the whole event, she didn't seem to enjoy her party nearly as much as I would have thought. Yes, I know she is only 1, what can you expect? But being that she has always been a social butterfly grinning ear to ear at anyone and everyone that would look her way, I was surprised. The all familiar, shy and bash full attitude you typically see with older babies has surfaced. In fact, on her party day, she wasn't just bashful, but more like hysterical when those she didn't recognize tried to hold her or much less talk to her. Again, I was surprised, just not having seen that side of her. There were 25 or so people in her house that were all up in her face, so I can understand! She settled down easily when we distracted her thankfully. 

However, daddy didn't take this into consideration very much when it came to cake time! After we sang to her, which she didn't seem to be too bothered by, she was not touching her cake that had been placed in front of her.

So daddy decided to help her out by smashing her hand into the cake for her. That's when she got hysterical!

Of course, we all started laughing, which only made it worse! So she had to get out and cuddle for awhile. Her doll seemed to help.....

Once the crowd died down Nana was able to slowly get her interested in the cake. Turns out she wanted to use a fork to test it out.....

In the end, she got back in the high chair and played around with it. We kept saying she was being a lady about it not wanting to get too dirty. She didn't even mess up her outfit!

She enjoyed the present opening part a lot more...
She got a lot of cute things and has been playing with them all a lot. I know I have bombarded you with a lot of pictures, but I must tell you about one last thing.

Remember when she was climbing onto the side of her bed? Well the night of her party at about 2:30 am, I heard her crying, opened the door to her room and WHAM BAM she hit the floor. I just barely saw her little body up on the rail and quickly on the floor crying. It was pretty horrific! We stayed up with her for about an hour, consoling her, putting pillows around the bed, and making sure she was ok. She thankfully only had a bump and a black eye. I felt horrible about the whole thing but after talking to friends, realized it isn't that uncommon for them to fall out of their bed. Nevertheless, her mattress is now on top of another one on the floor with the crib still around it. When she stands, the rail is at her forehead. I don't think she can pull her self up and over enough to do it again, but hope if so, we can at least get a few months time under her belt. I just don't feel comfortable putting her  in a toddler bed yet!

{Bump on her head}

{Black eye and some poofy hair!}

Now we get to enjoy her one year old days!

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