Saturday, June 9, 2012

Magical Memories Part 2

After realizing the magic was completely there. I wanted to make the most of it! I remember thinking about how being positive and noticing the small details of the day made things so much more fun! You know....rather than agonizing over the rain or the unplanned delays. That's a lesson I will carry with me!

Day 3 was Animal Kingdom.

Tyler and I heard it was best to get their early when the lines were low and the animals were out. It opened at 9; we were there at 9:15. With 2 kids, shuttles and lines, I thought we did pretty good! Anyway, there was little to no wait for the Safari ride.

I loved this park more than I thought I would. They did such a good job making everything look so natural. And seeing the animals was great, too.

The buildings were authentic, too.
They also had a dino area with some rides.

Next was lunch at the Rainforest Cafe..

Garyn was a little scared. The storms and animals throughout the meal kept him on the edge of his seat but I was proud that he made it through!

The Lion King, Nemo and It's a Bug's Life shows were next. They were all fantastic especially the Lion King one.

We also rode Mount Everest which I thought was awesome! Garyn didn't want to ride it twice though being scared of the Yeti that was inside so Tyler rode it by himself.

(The ride is in that "mountain" doesn't it look so natural though and pretty)

The Animal Kingdom parade is fun, too....

After the parade, we went back to the room and "rested" for a bit before going for a swim.
Ansley liked the empty drawers......
Guess Violet did, too :)

Garyn liked jumping from bed to bed.

Tyler and I were wore out while the kids wanted to play. Actually, I think he was the only one that took a nap! He was avoiding the picture taking :)

Then it was pool time and some "Old McDonalds" as Garyn still calls it for dinner.

Ansley loved this shallow area around the edge. I couldn't take my hand off of her though!

And this was the first time Garyn jumped into the pool without us even being in there. Usually he is afraid to jump off the side and wants us be right there, but while I was watching Ansley he started jumping in with some other little boys on his own. He isn't swimming yet but can more than reach the 3 ft area as you can tell. He also cracked me up playing with some Hispanic boys. They spoke little English and were talking in Spanish to one another. Next thing I knew, Garyn started jabbering words like he was trying to talk to them!

Well, I think I will stop there since this is a long enough post already! Didn't realize I had so many pics from Day 3!  

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  1. I love reading your blog & seeing pictures of your beautiful family! I like what you said about the Magic of Disney being the time you spend with loved ones, seeing their reaction to the magnitude of the park, & not worrying about the rain or small set backs - a great way to make everyday MAGICAL!



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