Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Magical Memories Part 3

After spending much time in the magic of real life :) I am finally getting back to finishing out our Disney post!
Ok, so Day 4 and 5 were days to return to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios....
I loved getting to talk to Garyn about what area/rides he wanted to go back know where he felt the most magic ;)

(I was talking to get Ansley to smile)
We went to Magic Kindgom on Day 4 and started early! We got there for the early hours and were able to ride and see somethings before it got busy.....
Rode the Dumbo ride. I loved when we all could ride together.

Next we rode the Peter Pan ride, another one we could all ride. I think Garyn liked it better than he thought. If we could have rode it again, we would have.

Ansley liked her ride on Daddy's shoulders while waiting.

We also hit the Fantasmic show early. It was so good and fun.

Garyn wanted to race again in the go carts......

He couldn't reach the pedals but could steer. Cars are his favorite, of course, so I wasn't surprised.

He also wanted to do the Buzz Lightyear ride again.

Tyler enjoyed it, too!
Next, we rode Briar Rabbit's Splash Mountain; Garyn and I did. The whole ride he kept asking when the big drop was coming. But he liked it and I loved squealing with him!

Then we hit up the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house and Pirates of the Carribean Ride.  I was really impressed with this ride. Garyn got a sword as a souvenir.

Winnie the Pooh ride. Again, I liked these that we all could ride. Ansley enjoyed them although it was always hard to keep her sitting down.

We did the Tea cup ride again also and watched a show in front of the palace...

Garyn and Daddy got to shoot some in Frontier Land....

You may notice there are no pictures of Garyn with the characters. The breakfast we had two days before was enough for him! He didn't care one bit to stand in line and see the characters. I'll admit, at times I was bummed about this, but I know Garyn and didn't want to push him or wait in the line! The magic was still there without having to see them up close!

The parades were great, too, to let you see a lot of characters and stay in one spot. Magic Kindgom's night parade was beautiful to look at as well...

Ansley had had enough of looking!
We all were so tired that night! It was our last night in the hotel so we did a little packing and then woke up and packed the car before heading out to Hollywood Studios again.

We actually had planned to go to Sea World on this day but Garyn had missed seeing Lightening McQueen and the cars show. He choose to go back and we liked saving the money of buying the Sea World tickets :)
I want to do Sea World next time when Garyn is bigger and can ride all the rides.

Unfortunately, it was another rainy day....

We watched Beauty and the Beast show in order to get out of the rain for a time.

Both of them really liked it. Can't ever go wrong with a Disney favorite.....

Garyn had no qualms about getting pics made with these guys....

And the car stunt show was right up his alley. Lightening McQueen even showed up!

We were sad to leave but the driving rain helped make it easier (and the fact we were all exhausted!)
The magic was so strong that we have already talked of returning before Ansley turns 3 (that way she will be free ;)

I hope some of you get to experience soon, too!

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