Friday, June 7, 2013

Intentional: Completing May goals and starting June

May was pretty successful. Although not all of them, most goals got marked off my list!

- Continue daily bible study time and try not to get behind.  Honestly probably missed just a couple days but in the grand scheme, I pushed through some days that I wanted to skip

- Change over both kids closets for summer clothes Done and took winter to storage

- Go to storage to take things and find more baby items Did above and got a lot of what we need for now

- Be positive about Tyler's busy schedule this month We made it through!

- Keep coupons up to date (I got them all cut and organized in April!) Halfway done

- Focus on Garyn's book reading Failed miserably

- Try to limit Ansley's pacifier use.....and be patient about this! Probably just completed the patient part more! She wants it all the time, I think now she does cause I'm telling her she doesn't need it. 

- Work with Ansley in potty training (she asks to go all the time!) Not so much, its still a passing thought for her and us. We ask her when we think about it but we haven't tried much.

- Work on finding items needed for Layne  Got the items out of storage I needed and his car seat cover from eBay (to replace the pink cover Ansley had)

-Try to get Garyn to bed by 10:30 and not procrastinate  I won't say it was good every night, but it was better. Now that it is officially summer this is only going to get harder!

- Finish Circle Maker ! I am over half way, just need to keep it up! AHH...still not done, but in the last couple chapters

- Be more intentional about eating veggies and cooking them! I am so excited to say, I did this! The biggest change was that we have been having smoothies mid morning about 4 days a week and they have spinach in them! Plus, I have done better when ordering out to get the steamed or grilled veggies, then here at home we have had grilled veggies with a few meals. I want to get even better about it with the kids. They have only had the smoothie change. Garyn will eat some veggies but only when told to (or when they are available for us to say that)

Now for June.....

I have a bittersweet thought when I think of the next few weeks. They are my last weeks as a momma of 2; Garyn's last weeks home before Kindergarten, and specifically June is the last month before we will most likely be building our house. So a lot of changes are ahead and although most of them are welcomed ones, I feel like this is the calm before the storm. 

Not knowing how to prepare for the craziness, I am going to attempt to make a list of goals:

-Wash Layne's clothes and put them in drawers
- Clean out the above said drawers of some winter clothes
-Rearrange furniture in Ansley's and our room to accommodate Layne and the changing table
-Be intentional about time spent with Garyn and Ansley this summer. I want to plan fun activities for us to do, hopefully with Tyler, too. I know not every day can be an activity but some specifics are: 1) Go to the pool at least twice a week
       2) Go to Coolidge park for fountain play and carousel
       3)Take Garyn to one of the summer $1 movies
       4) Go to Warner Park spray ground
       5) Go to Chester Frost "beach" one day
-Keep Bible reading/study a part of my summer days
-Keep up the veggies eating and cooking....look for more ways to get kids to eat them, too
-Finish (for real) Circle Maker
- Continue to work with Ansley on pacifier use and potty training
-And a biggie......Try not to get stressed about all that is to come!

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