Friday, June 21, 2013

Panama City Beach; Family Trip June '13

This year's beach trip was different than our normal family trip. The last 5 or 6 years we have been able to go with Pop, Josh and Karen and Lorna and Lakelin otherwise known as my dad, brother, sister n' law and niece and nephew. We always look forward to that time to spend with them since we don't get to see them too often. With Baby Layne coming and their hectic schedule caring for their goat farm, we couldn't go at the same time this summer. At first, we were bummed and then thought we might be able to still go on our own.

We made plans last minute to try and go knowing we were about to get into a busy season of life with building, new baby and Garyn beginning kindergarten. I am so glad we took the time and went despite the change from our annual family trip.

We decided to go to Panama City because of its closeness and the choices of rentals at such a late date. It was a great- short drive, nice condo and location. The kids were so excited. Garyn started counting down the days a couple weeks before we went. Ansley would hear the word "beach" and would want to go "right now!" So the anticipation was high when leaving and traveling.

We spent 4 nights there so for three days, we went out to the beach for a couple hours then the pool. The kids did great playing in the water and Ansley played in the sand well. Garyn still doesn't like the sand. I got one picture of him digging....

Garyn likes playing in the waves. He also enjoys the pool and found some boys to play with most days in the pool.

Ansley did well not being scared but yet having a healthy fear of the water. Most of the time she stayed with me at the sand and then would ask to go to the water with Tyler or I. She liked the pool, too, and did well with her new floatie thing.
Smiley with her paci, I think she had just came and snuck it out of the bag.
We evidently wore them out in the morning because they both took naps everyday. Tyler and I got to just hang out and get ready for dinner. We went out to eat twice and ate in the room twice. Our place was right next to Schooner's which we had been to at least twice before on past trips. They have good food and just simple beachy atmosphere. They also have live music. Garyn has been all about playing guitar hero and singing his favorites on my I tunes music, so he enjoyed watching.

He made himself at home up next to the stage.
Tyler and I at Schooner's

These last two were after eating ice cream. Safe to say they liked it! We were stuffed that night.
But if you ask Garyn what his favorite activity was on the trip, he says playing minigolf! He wanted to go so bad that we went first thing the day we arrived before checking in (we had some time to spare before we could check in.) Ansley played some, too, she liked to grab every one's ball before you could get down there to hit it again. :)

Mario had to join us this night

Another detail I have to mention, is that it was also our anniversary during this trip! We have been married 8 years now and while it feels like its been forever; it's still crazy to hear the number. Reminds us of how old we are getting! We enjoyed just being at the beach with normal life on hold for a bit. Well as much as can be considering we still had our 5 and 2 year old. Garyn attempted to get a picture of us out on the beach. The lighting was wrong though....

And I honestly feel like I look like a cow! I was 32 weeks in these.
Anyway, I loved the trip and the time away. We are blessed for sure! Can't wait to see what our next baby boy looks like, cause these two melt us all the time!


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