Thursday, August 8, 2013

Layne is born!

Layne Timothy Rich was born 2 weeks ago on July 25th at 2 am. He weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and was 20 3/4 inches.

 I arrived at 8 pm on the 24th to begin the induction. As much as I didn't want to be induced, I discovered if I wanted to have Tyler 100 % there, we needed to go before football camp. Obviously, he would have been there either way but I didn't want him or me torn between the two. I know how much football season takes out of him and just didn't want it to be weighing on him that he couldn't be in both places at one time. On top of that, I know I haven't gone into labor on my own before. I didn't want to wait until the 28th, his due date, and then end up being induced. So we went in at 8 pm on the 24th ( Garyn's birthday) and started receiving meds around 8:30 pm. I was 2 1/2- 3 cms. dilated already.

We were hanging out, talking to my coworkers. I wasn't getting uncomfortable really. My nurse, Rebecca, said Dr. Brody wanted to break my water around 11 pm and suggested I get my epidural first. I concurred and we started with that process. Once that was done, a resident broke my water, well 2 of them did (not at the same time!) but I apparently had a sealed tight bag that didn't want to bust. So a different resident had to come back and try a different tactic. At this point, I was just 4 cms. I was also feeling real relaxed, as well, and we started to rest as best we could. However, I kept getting interrupted. Layne had been doing great and still was fine but showed signs of distress or that he was moving down quick. At 12:30 am, I was 6 cm and they had me turn to my side with oxygen. Again, I tried to snooze as best I could. Then about 1:00, I was told Dr. Brody was on his way to check me. I was still a little dumb founded not expecting things to go that quick. I could still feel some pain with contractions but didn't feel pressure or anything. Well, as they said, Dr. B checked me and I was 9 1/2 cm. !  I had to wake Tyler up at this point. And I texted Nana because she wanted to come once I was close; she likes to hear their first cry. She was also bringing Garyn because he got upset when he realized he wasn't going with us when we were leaving. I knew he would be excited and easily awakened! While everything for delivery got set up, we waited for them before I started pushing.
Nana captured this of Garyn trying to peek in while I was of my favorites

Then at 2 am, he entered the world! We couldn't have been happier to see his precious face!

Garyn was so excited to see him and hold him, along with Nana. They stayed for about an hour and then headed back to sleep before coming back.

looking a bit tired was 2 am

When they came back, Ansley was with them, of course. She was interested but observant at first. She touched him some and talked about me being in the bed with my pj's on. Emma was there at that time, too, their 1 yr. old cousin. So I think Ansley just focused on her some. She didn't fuss when they left like I thought she would but again they were leaving with "Mema." Sonja said she didn't want to talk about it once they left and would change the subject. Garyn just couldn't get enough of him and didn't want to leave.

Once we got home, she was a lot more herself. They flogged the van as soon as we opened the doors. It was very cute to see their excitement. Garyn couldn't wait to hold him. Ansley was interested in his feet and his pacifier. She and Garyn both worked him over good for awhile.


She wants her paci all the time now, too.

Features we noted about Layne:
- He looked a lot like Tyler those first few days, now at 2 weeks, he looks so much like Garyn as a baby. Which is also very Tyler like.
- He has dark hair, at least for now. Tyler hopes he keeps it! I think his hairline looked more like Tyler, now its about the same as I remember Garyn's being. Garyn's hair was much lighter, Ansley's was the same color at birth as Layne, but both kids have turned sandy blonde. So it'll be a waiting game for Layne's official hair color.
-He has wide hands and long feet.
-Although he weighed 8 lbs 4 oz, he looks just as small as his siblings! Even the doctor and nurses thought he would be 7 and a half or so. I had her weigh him a second time cause we were in such shock!
-We quickly determined that he has sensitive skin. Pampers diapers made him break out and now it seems like he has gotten bumps on his arms from blankets or something.
- He has a pretty laid back attitude and doesn't cry much. At least for now...
- He likes his fingers, hands and thumb but a pacifier will do, too. I try to keep one around since they are easier to take away!
-And his eyes look dark blue like I remember Garyn's being.

2 wks. old

The last several days, we have just been admiring him and getting used to life as 5. Both kids have been doing good with him. I just have to watch Ansley cause she wants to lean over the bassinet to see him. She likes for him to have his paci and wants to "rock" him when she holds him. Garyn is just loving and sweet to him. He gets frustrated, though, when he sleeps long periods because he wants to see his eyes. I have been pleased with the transition to 3. It seems easier than when Ansley was born. I don't feel overwhelmed, I just keep trying to figure out how to shave time off of getting us ready to go somewhere. I figure we'll get there eventually!

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