Sunday, February 9, 2014

Month by Month: Layne turns 6 months!

As always, its already come and gone. The first 6 months of his life have flown! I feel it hasn't been but a couple months since he was born. He was actually 6 months 2 weeks ago but has had pink eye and his eye has been swollen and red up until now. I am so in love with this little cutie and his character that's starting to show.

At 6 months, Layne can sit up on his own, raises his upper body up really well when on belly and started saying "dada" literally the day he turned 6 months old. While he is still pretty mellow, he has started making his likes and dislikes more known. If he wants to be held, he quickly protests when you put him down. And he has started grabbing at everything. He gets mad if I pull something out of his reach that he wanted. All things are going to his mouth, too, so I am having to take things away more often.

Another way he gets his point across is with eating! He doesn't like any food that I have offered. When I start bringing the spoon towards his face, he locks his lips and either shakes his head or starts rocking back and forth. We play a game of hitting the target and I have to do silly things to make the target open! If I succeed, he will swallow the food but makes an awful face. After a few bites, the game gets harder and occasionally he throws gagging and spitting up into the mix. So I continue to attempt to feed him baby food/cereal in hopes he will eventually like it! On the other hand, he wants to nurse every three hours and still gets up once a night. Speaking of night, he is sleeping in his crib now!

(Guess he thinks his foot is more appetizing!)

At his 6 month checkup, he weighed 18 lbs 10 oz and was 27 1/2 inches (I think?). He fell down to the 75th percentile on those, but is still growing great. I haven't actually been able to check Garyn's weight for 6 months but I am pretty positive it was more than this. Looks like Garyn is taking the lead on size. And that is completely fine with me! I would like to keep him baby size as long as possible! He is wearing 6-9 months clothes and some 9-12 months.

Other news, Layne has gotten into playing with his toys more and more. He sits in the playroom floor a lot and plays. Ansley and Garyn usually keep him company and entertain him. We found several new toys for him to play with when we moved that he has been enjoying, like the johnny jump up and the activity center.

(see all things go to his mouth!)

Both Garyn and Ansley still want to play with him and can make him belly laugh so hard! Ansley is back to wanting to hold him all the time. I really have to watch her because she tries to pick him up all the time on the floor. And tickles him a lot but digs a little deep sometimes. We are working on being gentle and waiting for mommy if she wants to hold him and such. She tells me she is his mommy all the time and wants me to leave her to take care of him. Cute but dangerous!

(both the boys were sick in this pic but I still like it!)

(Trying to rock him)


Now, for the next six months to slooow down.

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