Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Month by Month: Layne turns 5 months!

Christmas day, Layne became 5 months old. As mush as I can't believe it, I love this phase. Not yet mobile but so interactive!

 I have lots of pictures this time so I am going to update through captions.....

Layne is beginning to sit up on his own, definitely still needs a spotter here and there. He also turns when on his belly. He rolls both ways but doesn't do it constantly.

He is beginning to chew on everything and slobbers a lot. He grabs your hand, hair, or whatever and pulls it straight to his mouth. So now we have started carrying around chew toys. No teeth yet, though!
He is still eating about every three hours and nursing mostly. But when he does get a bottle he likes to grab onto it and holds it pretty good.

He also started some baby cereal on Christmas Eve. He actually likes it despite the faces he made that first day! This was one of Nana's gifts.....she has wanted him to eat for awhile so I let her feed him his first cereal on Christmas eve morning.
He has started liking his blanket to be right around his face in order to go to sleep. He can be fussy even with his paci and then you hand him the blanket and he shuts his eyes and falls fast asleep. Unfortunately, I really have to watch him because sometimes he ends up like this! So at night I usually only put him in a sleep sak. Once he gets to sleep, I can move the blanket and he stays asleep ok. He is sleeping about the same, til 3:30 or so then eats and goes straight back to sleep. He has also started napping around the same time in the day, around 10 and then 2, and will take a couple smaller naps at other times.
He is still growing. He is somewhere around 18 lbs. when I check him on our scale at home. Now he wears size 3 diapers and anywhere from 6-12 mos. clothes. Speaking of clothes...another thing he does is pulls his sock off and chews on it. I'm always trying to keep up with one of them.
Tyler, Jr. has become his new nickname. I am seeing less of Garyn now and more pure Tyler! His cute little eyebrows are still flipped up. And he definitely has a cow lick on top right at his forehead.

He is still a very happy baby. Quite a ham most of the time. He loves to watch his sister and brother! Ansley can sometimes scare him, though, with her screaming, scares me too!
Here is a little video of him laughing, he is very ticklish!
We just love our little guy!

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