Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gymnastics and Soccer

This fall Garyn did soccer again and Ansley started doing a little gymnastics class. It has been fun watching them learn and play!

Garyn's team was the purple chameleons.

He did somewhat better this year in actually getting the ball and knowing which side his team was supposed to score on! They are so fun to watch cause it is more like organized chaos than an actual game! He did score once this year! Most importantly, he loves soccer and was always excited to go. The Y is very relaxed with coaching and scores so there isn't any pressure on the kids. I think that helps. He didn't have pressure placed on him at baseball by any means, but he hated when he would strike out or not get on base. With soccer, he was only concerned with whether they won or lost. Most of the time he kept score and we had no clue! He is going to be a competitive kid, we believe.
Ansley has loved her gymnastics class. It is a mommy and me class so I stay with her and help. Otherwise she would be all over the place! Most of the time, she still is everywhere but the spot she is supposed to be! But when you can get her attention, she does a good job with it.

Her friend Brenna goes as well, but with an older group.

This past Friday they had their fun meet which was a mock gymnastics meet with a judge and all. She had to learn routines! Nana, Poppa, Daddy and
Garyn all got to come watch her since they don't get to see her in class.

These teachers had the fun job of keeping a bunch of 2-4 yr olds in line!

As wild and crazy as she does in class and here at the meet, somehow, she got 2 first place ribbons and the best all around award! As you can see, she was so excited!

Here are a couple videos of her events

And just because I can't leave him out, here is Layne doing some of his exercises.....

He was flapping his arms and kicking his legs the whole time Ansley did gymnastics. He enjoyed watching. Which I must add, Garyn was attempting to do rolls and tabletops in the floor while we were watching. Then he was very concerned about Ansley's scores and whether she would win. Cute brothers supporting their sister!

Layne lays on his play mat often and on this particular day his floor exercises wore him out!

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