Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Month by Month: Layne is 4 months

Didn't I just get done doing one of these?!

Nevertheless, Layne is now 4 months and growing fast! Garyn and Layne are turning out to be about the same size so far which is good since I am using mostly Garyn's clothes for him. He is now in 6 month or 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. He gained another pound since 3 months and is now 17 lbs. He was 25 3/4 inches so his length is almost 2 inches longer since his two month check up. No wonder all his clothes were getting short!

We still say Tyler can't deny him! He makes faces that remind us of Tyler and Garyn. I think in the eyes he differs from Garyn and looks more like Tyler. His hair does seem to be lightening up a bit, though, much to Tyler's dismay. And those eyebrows are still flared up on the ends, gives him his character!


So far, I still think he is my best baby. And part of it is probably me being so much more relaxed with him. When he is sleepy, I just lay him down with his pacifier and blanket wrapped up to his chest and 3 out of 4 times I never have to go back to do anything. He hums or plays or just stares and then goes to sleep. A lot of times when you are holding him he will just start nodding off even when you don't have him cuddled up to you. When he is hungry, he starts fussing some and if you push him to far he will start crying but he is so easy to predict. Doesn't cry about his diaper or how you are holding him or anything, just tags along.

We finally got a roll out of him this past weekend, 2 days before he was 4 months. He went from stomach to back. He frequently turns to his side from his back but hasn't rolled all the way over yet. He is still into grabbing his toys and now pulls them to his mouth. He is constantly moving his arms and feet. He loves to watch TV and usually starts babbling at it. We guess he thinks they are talking to him! We can more easily get giggles from him, too. He likes to be tickled, held up in the air, and to do patty-cake.

Other than going to sleep easily, he is sleeping from about 9 'til 1-3am. It depends on when he eats before bed. The later I feed him the longer he sleeps. Then he will wake up around 5 or 6 and usually goes back to sleep for another hour or so. During the day he usually eats every 3 hours but can be pushed to 4 sometimes. In between feedings, he still sleeps for a bit. In the mid morning and afternoon he seems to sleep longer than the other times so I guess he is working on those nap times.

Love these 3!

We have also noticed he has gotten more used to the car seat. We aren't having to pacify him as often now. He loves to watch his brother and sister while in the car and will play with toys some. Speaking of, he seems to recognize his family members more now. He follows voices and smiles as soon as you look at him. When at the doctor yesterday, he started crying when the doctor was talking and looking at him. That was the first time he did that, that I know about. You could see him searching his face and then start to cry until I consoled him.

Think he thinks Ansley is wild!
We are all wild right now really! Seems like a mad house here some days but Layne just fits right in and helps keep me sane! Hoping he is stays calm and smiles constant like now. :)

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