Sunday, November 3, 2013

Month by Month : Layne is 3 months

Last Friday, Layne turned three months! This is a fun age for babies, you finally know all there likes and dislikes and they start giggling and playing more. However, they also change up their schedule some keeping you on your toes still!

Layne is such an easy going guy. He only cries when you have really ignored him or if he gets scared. By that I mean, a loud noise or something (usually his screaming sister). Most of the time though, he'll just start to fuss and you know its time for nap or to eat or to move him to a different spot.

He is still sleeping about 6 hours to begin with at night. And then wakes up at 3 hour intervals after that. So most nights he eats around 9-10 and then 3 and 6. Again, I say most because some nights he eats later then 10 and gets up after 3 or vice versa. He still goes right back to sleep really well. He has had somewhat of a cold lately and we had a couple nights were he slept on me some. Also, he rarely uses the paci at night. When in the car, which he isn't fond of, he uses the paci more. Granted, we are in the car a lot so I can't blame him. :)

Layne has discovered his hands and is constantly working them around trying to grab things and bat at his toys. With this discovery comes pulling at my hair which coincidentally is falling out after thickening during pregnancy. So all the time I am finding my long hair in his fists and am trying to keep it away from his grasps. His bouncy seat still entertains him for awhile because he likes to hit the colorful animals hanging in front of him. I have never put batteries in it, actually, to make it vibrate. We didn't have any D batteries and he seems to not mind! We have gotten the swing out of storage in the past couple weeks and he always falls asleep in it. He has slept almost 3 hours in it before! If I don't turn it off, he doesn't wake up. He is also sitting up better in his BeBe Pod. He crunches up to a sitting position all the time when you are holding him, in his car seat and when in his boppy pillow. When laying flat, he'll turn to his side but hasn't turned all the way over yet.

His hair has grown back on the top but has now fallen out around the sides so he looks like he has a "high & tight" cut. His eyes have become darker like a green/grey color. We all agree he looks most like his daddy. However, he still favors his brother's baby pics, too.

Layne on top 2, Garyn on bottom

Size wise- He was 16 lbs 4 oz with his clothes on at the doctor last week. Garyn was 16 lbs at 3 months so they are staying about the same on growth. He is wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 mo clothes. I love being able to put him in Garyn's clothes, so cute to remember Garyn in them and compare how they look alike.

Layne started giggling about 2 weeks ago. We are able to get it out of him easier now but it is still not all the time yet. He will smile constantly at you, though. He has learned how to fuss for attention and then start smiling once you give it to him. We call it playing opossum.

We just couldn't be happier with our little guy and love watching him grow!

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