Thursday, November 21, 2013

Building a Home: weeks 11-16

The exciting stuff is happening now!

Week 11:
So we ended with the sheet rock being hung. Naturally, the mudding and sanding happened this week. These guys work so fast! They were there just a couple days and had most all of it done. However, there were some areas that had not been sheet rocked yet. The wall next to our stairs had been framed wrong and needed to be fixed and then an area in a closet needed to be sheet rocked to cover a pipe. Also, three doorways/large openings hadn't been sheet rocked because they thought casing was being put there and it was not. So it was so frustrating and caused a delay in painting. We were having to wait on them to come hang the sheet rock because the mudders don't hang sheet rock. But when the sheet rock hangers were there the areas hadn't been re framed. Then at the very tail end of the week the trim guys came and did about a third of the work on baseboards and doors. Painting and more trim could have been done this week if all the sheet rock stuff had been done.

love the doors!

You can see the added sheet rock that hasn't been mudded yet on right
End of week 11

Week 12:
  Nothing really happened this week other than the above mentioned sheet rock getting hung. It was rough watching nothing get done. Tyler was really hoping to be able to do the hardwood floors the next week during fall break. So we were stressed a little about when the rest of the mudding and painting would get done.

I am not sure if this happened this week or not but one weekend Tyler and his dad dug a trench for a water line to go out to the shed back behind the house. Ansley had to help, too!

Week 13:
   At the beginning of the week, painting happened! Another exciting detail to see get done. Although, we are not happy with a couple colors. They were so bright and glowing that they were hard to look at even! Not sure what exactly happened when we chose those. I think on the swatch they look more toned down. So we are working on getting those changed and may be doing some painting ourselves! The main color downstairs looks nice, though. I love how clean the floors, trim and doors look with it. Thankfully, this meant Tyler was able to start floors! Along with painting, they came and put up gutters and the new posts across the front porch.

You can see the tan paint here with the beautiful floors!
The other paint colors will be in later pictures.

This is Brad that coaches with Tyler. You can also see the white wrapped posts.

So this week was busy on our part, as well! Tyler, his dad, his brother and a fellow football coach laid the hardwood floors in the house. Our entrance hallway, kitchen, eating area and family room are all hardwood. Then upstairs we did Garyn's room and the hallway. Garyn has asthma and allergies so we didn't really want to put carpet in there. I personally like carpet in bedrooms so I was completely fine with letting Garyn get that luxury.

So here is the end of week 13!

Week 14:
     Another slow week here, the door knobs were put on the doors inside and halfway on the outside doors. And the biggest thing was that the final grading was done outside. We no longer have a dirt or sand pile! Both kids noticed right away and were sad!

Couple of pictures showing the grading done, gutters and posts. Still waiting on the shutters for the upstairs windows, as well.
hallway bathroom door with knobs
Week 15:
    This week we got the carpet and linoleum installed. I was happy with the finished look. I had chose these two items back in May so I had already forgotten exactly what it looked like. We chose to do linoleum to start with for the sake of time and money. Tyler has always tiled the bathrooms at our other homes but with doing the hardwoods and football; we weren't sure he would have time. Also, we would be paying for all the flooring out of pocket if we chose to do hardwoods everywhere and tile, as well. I am so happy with our decision because it looks good and we can change it just as easy in a couple years when Tyler needs something to do!

This is the laundry room with linoleum

This is Ansley's room, paint will be more lavender, like I originally thought it would be!

And this is our room which will be a different blue

They also came and put our heating and air units in. We now have thermostats that tell us how cold it is in the house! I have seen it as low as 41! Needless to say I can't stay long with kids!

And lastly, the gas logs came for our fireplace. If only they worked!

And the end of week 15:

Week 16:
We had an exciting week with the cabinets coming and it was on my birthday!! Just loved seeing them in place. With that came the bathroom counters and toilets. We do not have our granite counters in the kitchen yet but will hopefully next week. We have begun packing and trying to prepare to move. I am so ready!
Kids bathroom

our bathroom
corner area of cabinets


sink in hallway bath
And I didn't get an end of the week picture, but I got some pretty cool pictures of the kids in the front yard.


The scenery is just beautiful all around. I can't wait to be able to sit on my
front porch and watch my babies play.

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