Sunday, December 29, 2013

Building a Home: weeks 17-21, the finish!

Whew, the weeks keep adding on. At one point, we were supposed to be in by now. I haven't seen the light at the end of the tunnel, yet. We are trying to be as patient as possible and just don't know what all we can really do. Everyone I talk to says construction is always behind. So we are one in the same. Thankfully, I haven't been too upset about the set backs. It'll happen eventually! ( wrote this part a couple weeks ago from today) Anyway.....

Week: 17
I think the only thing that happened this week was the faucets in the bathrooms being put in. I'm sure there were others supposed to come but the plumbers were the only ones that did.

Week: 18
We were so excited to see the fireplace get put in. It is beautiful and something I wouldn't have splurged for but came as part of a standard with the house plan! The only thing is that I have to figure out how to keep the kids from busting their heads open on it. hmmmm...

Week 19:
This week had a lot of things happening. The light fixtures and counter tops were put in. Tyler got started on the doghouse. Some plumbing work was done. As well as the air seal test which went well. We were finally glad to see more than one thing get done in a week.

Tyler and his dad tried to build something big enough that we could keep the dogs in even at night. They have always either been in a basement or garage and we don't have that option here. We have a crawl space plenty big enough but we really didn't want them right under the house this time. So their crate will fit in this and we can close them in it at night.

Tyler and Ansley checking out the faucet and counter tops. Love the pendant light, too. They hadn't been hung yet in this picture but there are two more pendants over the island.

Week 20:
The stairs were started but the spindles were wrong so they couldn't be finished. Some more mudding in spots before a final paint. The power line trench was dug and then line was laid. And the plumbing inspection was done and passed this week.

View of drenches from Layne's window. One is for power line and one for a water line to a shed. And you can see the dog house, not completely finished yet. The water line is an extra his parents want to do because his dad wants to put a garden in near the shed.

Beginning of stairs

Plumbing passed!

trying to get a picture of kids in bay window

Ansley just wouldn't look! Garyn couldn't hold Layne for too long :)

Week 21:
With it being Christmas week, we weren't expecting a lot but had to get some final inspections done and the stair spindles had to be done. And one of the inspections showed that we needed graspable rails on the stairs off the porches. The last coat of paint was done, as well.  If we had gotten all this done in time, we could move in! And it did! However, this Saturday morning (yesterday) when we went to do a final walk thru and paperwork, an upstairs toilet had a loose bolt and leaked through to the living room! There was a large puddle in the middle on the floor on top of the hardwoods. (It is in front of fireplace like in picture above) It got fixed quickly but the ceiling needs repair and a new ceiling fan. The floors may need replacing too but we will be waiting a few weeks to see if they dry out ok. I was already in the tank (as Tyler says) thinking we weren't going to move that day then I heard that and thought we were going to have to wait 3-4 weeks! But no, we will just have to keep it uncovered and let them know in a few weeks if we are unsatisfied. So we will have another week of sheet rock repair and a little electrical work on a breaker that wasn't working. If all goes well, we can move next weekend! We are so ready and excited to be in the house. The kids got all excited yesterday thinking we were moving and then a little confused and upset. So now we have one more week to get more packed and ready. Although, for church this morning, I had to get shoes out of a box. :) We have a lot packed but still more to go. Its hard to pack everything with kids because there are just some things they can't do without.

Garyn in his room.

Ansley in hers ( I thought this displayed how little she is right now)

And there is that smile :)

This was Friday night when we were there cleaning. She liked being able to push Layne around and of course loves wearing her princess dress she got for Christmas!

Garyn had wide open spaces to play with his swords.

And Layne in his room, this was before the final coat of paint....I love his new color.

He is holding his head up well when on his belly and even turns in a circle. During these pictures, he flipped over to his back while I was taking a picture.
Layne in action, mid roll :)

Can't believe we are finally at the end! I will post pictures as soon as I can of the finished product with our furniture and all.

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