Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Month to month: Layne is 9 months!

We are officially 10 months now but lets just pretend he is just 9 months still....one less month closer to a year!

Layne is having more and more of a personality here lately. Still a happy boy until he encounters someone he doesn't know or has something taken from him. He will play on his own well but tends to get into things he shouldn't. For instance, he loves to try to climb the steps; he loves the bathroom and all things around the toilet; and he likes the broom and mop. Of course, its the end of the world when I stop him from doing these things. The bucking and screaming have begun. As well, he notices whether or not he knows someone and if we walk off he tends to cry for us.

He also wants to eat everything he sees and gets impatient now when it isn't coming fast enough. He still isn't too keen on peaches or sweet peas. I attempt things they are mixed in and he still notices. Otherwise, he likes anything. We have been giving him mashed potatoes, green beans, banana, and lots of bread-type foods. He is also nursing less often. He can go about 5 hours now in between.

Sleeping wise, we are officially sleeping through the night!! Whoop Whoop! I didn't really have to break him of it either. He did it some on his own and then a couple of times I had to not go in when he stirred. During the day, though, he has gotten a little worse about napping. If he is sleepy enough, he will fall asleep anywhere. But if he snoozed some in the car and woke up too early; he won't go down for a nap easily. I used to could lay him down easily but now he wakes up quickly and won't go back to sleep. So I have been working on a system so to speak so that when I work I can get a nap.

His third tooth has popped through on the top left. Another reason he hasn't been sleeping well during the day, I think. The one next to it is visible but not through. He is getting long hair. We are contemplating cutting the top that gets in his eyes. The cow lick is still there causing it to lay funny. His hair is definitely getting blonder. Daddy has lost out again on the black hair. Otherwise, daddy gave him everything else!

Two other milestones we had this month were going to the beach for the first time and his baby dedication at church. Layne was our third baby to be dedicated at Red Bank Baptist and they are always a special day for us to commit to be a Christian influence on him. We know God blessed us with him and his siblings so that's the least we can do in return. The beach was a special time, too, with family. Layne seemed to like the beach so hopefully he will like Ansley does.

Layne weighed 21.5 lbs and was 29 inches long. Still growing great but has definitely fallen behind Garyn in weight. Garyn was 24 lbs! I am amazed at how big he was and we didn't even realize it. Layne is wearing 9-12 mos clothes and size 4 diapers.

Words/noises Layne has started to say: Uh-oh and Ba-Ba. Still randomly says mama and dada. Now, none of these words are said as words or even at appropriate times. We are trying to get him to wave but he hasn't yet. He loves to clap though!

Well, maybe I can get month 10 posted before its over. I just love this little guy and can't believe how big he has gotten!

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