Thursday, June 19, 2014

Month to Month: Layne is 10 months

For 5 more days, Layne will be 10 months. And starting just this week, he has taken many steps on his own. In the back of my head, I wonder how I can keep him a baby for just a little bit longer. The excitement of walking is so fun, though. I would dare say its the biggest milestone for them. Everyone of our children has started walking before their first birthday. We "practice" with them as soon as they start pulling up. Let me rephrase, Nana practices with them. :) Its been cute to see Ansley and Garyn practicing and helping him. He loves to hold your hands and walk around.

I love this constant smiles and giggles age. He is still a little rolly polly, too. When we are holding him, he always wants to climb you and wiggle. He also wants to direct where you go; reaching for things while you are holding him. He loves to be tickled, thinks his siblings are hilarious and likes for his mommy and daddy to come into the room. We also get lots of loving from him when we pick him up after first seeing him from being gone. Those little neck nuzzles just make my day!

Layne is consistently taking a morning and afternoon nap. He has still been waking us up by 7 am so he gets tired by 9:30ish and naps for maybe an hour. Then after lunch around 1 or 2, he naps for longer. Whats great though, the naps can easily change depending on our day. He never protests and just sleeps wherever he can if tired. As you know already!

Layne has started eating table food well. He loves most veggies that are cooked plain. He does well with really tender meat and soft fruits. After scarfing down a mixture of those, he will still eat a jar of baby food! I have also been giving him cow's milk in a sippy. He will drink a couple ounces when I do. Then he still nurses 3 times a day; morning, afternoon, and night.

Size wise, he was 22 lbs 14 oz at his last doctor's appt. ( He had croup like cough recently) He has grown into some of Garyn's old clothes better that were too big in the late spring. His hair is getting so long lately. The heat makes it a sweaty mess but also brings out some curls. His fourth tooth is completely in now, so he has two top and two bottom. He is starting to play bite. He bit Garyn one day on his arm and I catch him all the time about to bite me. Its hard to scold him, and I'm not sure he understands even, but we are having to say a firm no and pull him away. My other two never had this many teeth at a young age so its new to me.

While I do think he is a lot like Garyn in his calm laid back attitude, I also think he is going to be a little more michevious. He loves to crawl up the steps when we happened to forget the gate. When we go to get him he starts going faster and laughing as we come behind him. He also is a dare devil about climbing on toys. He stands on the seat of ride-ons and climbs into the wagon. Those are the parts that remind me of Ansley. Guess, he's a mix of all of us.

We just love our little scooter (his new nickname) and can't believe he is growing into a toddler before I can blink!
What a difference 10 months make!

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