Sunday, July 20, 2014

Month to Month: Layne is 11 months!

Sheesh.....I decided I needed to post before the end of the week when he is 1 year old!! Yikes!
(Finally in the 11th month I got his nursery bedding hung on wall)

Our biggest accomplishment this month, is total walking! He no longer crawls when he falls. He has the cutest little waddle, too! I keep saying he looks like he just got off a horse with a big beer gut. He cracks us up trying to maintain balance.

Layne is getting a little more demanding in his 11th month, as well. I am waiting for a tooth to pop out because he frequently just wants to be held and when down he wants to go where he wants. He doesn't like for me to guide him certain ways. When "expressing himself" a.k.a. pitching a fit, he does the typical limp motion as if he no longer has a backbone. And he adds whining, too. I can remember his sibilings doing the same thing, but man it seems too early for pitching fits! :)

However, he is still an easy going baby! I can tote him around to do whatever his brother and sister want to do without much complaint. He loves to play with them. I have started having to remind them (mainly Ansley) that even though he wants to play and is walking; he is still little and can't "wrestle" around with them. He also loves to play with any type of steering wheel. He goes straight for them when he eyes it, grunting and reaching the whole way. Just yesterday he figured out how to make the power wheel go while sitting on it. It scared me a bit because he was off before I knew what happened.

Layne has fallen a lot, obviously, since walking. And he had his first black eye a couple weeks ago. It was nothing serious, but I recalled both Garyn and Ansley getting their first one at that age. Another first, fourth of July fireworks. He wasn't so sure about them. He stared, leeched onto me, and fussed some but never cried. During the first ones, I had ice cream and he could've cared less he was so worried about those fireworks.

Pops in the Park fireworks

Sleeping wise, he has been waking up around 4-5 am some nights, which is another reason I think a tooth is coming. He naps around 10 and 3 or 4 for about an hour or two each. Depending on if we have to wake him to leave or if he got up really early. Wake up time can range from 6-7, so on 6 o'clock mornings, he usually sleeps a couple hours for nap. Layne will still fall asleep anywhere if tired enough. I have a couple pics displaying that...
In the stroller while playing mini golf. Guess we weren't entertaining enough

On the beach

My scale shows he is 23 lbs now. He is still wearing size 4 diapers and 12 month clothes. I am putting shoes on him more and he tolerates them ok. He can walk in them now that he has gotten used to them. The boy loves to eat whatever we are eating and eats a good portion. I usually always share with Ansley rather than ordering her a plate because she doesn't eat enough. Now, I have to take into consideration I'll be sharing with her and Layne. I am getting less and less of my own food.....hahaha.

Spaghetti boy

Layne is getting a little mischevious as well. He likes to climb on things and get into cabinets. He still loves to go up the steps and us to come behind him. He thinks its a race! And he loves the toilet and all things pertaining to it. The toilet paper, toilet brush, lid and seat are all toys to him! Why is it so fascinating to them?!
Loves swimming

His hair has gotten long and we are ready for his first haircut soon. He still has his crazy eyebrows! We get compliments on them all the time. Other than his blonde hair, he looks like daddy and Garyn still. We are wondering if he is going to have Garyn's personality. He shows some of the stranger anxiety that Garyn always had. He does better with unfamiliar people if they don't pay him attention. For instance, at church, its better for me to sit him in his room with a toy than for the nursery worker to take him and try to start talking to distract him. He looks up at people with a stare and then starts crying. Garyn used to do the same thing and as he got a little older he would shy away until he scoped out his surroundings and the people in it.

Climbing out of the pool with his paci

Layne still loves his paci and now holds onto blankets more often when he is tired.

   We just love our little scooter!

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