Monday, December 29, 2014

July 4th festivities

July 4th this past year was exciting in that Garyn was ready to make an event out of it! I think since he has started school, he is much more aware of the holidays. He started telling me what all he wanted to do for July 4th, making lists and such. I just love this excitement!

We went to the Pops in the Park event on July 3rd. I was glad because I had to work the 4th. The kids enjoyed the fireworks. Layne wasn't crying but was very focused on the fireworks in order to figure out where the noise was coming from. We had just gotten ice cream and he was refusing to eat it!

Garyn had been watching food network some and saw the different recipes for July 4th. He wanted to make a red, white and blue fruit dessert. He also wanted to have family over to the house and had called Nana and Poppa to invite them. He invited Gamama and Grandpa

The "dessert" we made. He loves fruit! 

Gamama and Grandpa came over for a bit.

Also remembered that Tyler took the kids to see the Soddy fireworks on the 4th while I worked.

Philip was working at a firework stand so Poppa and Garyn went and got some fireworks. We did them the 5th out in our yard with Nana and Poppa. 

The fireworks they got were so fun and really good! I'll never forget us laughing so hard at Tyler and Poppa trying to run away before the works started. Ansley and Garyn loved watching the fireworks, too. We just really enjoyed the 4th this year! For a few years in a row, we had July 4th celebration at the beach. So this year we may have started some new traditions.

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