Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ansley is 4!!

This sweet precious baby is now our rambunctious 4 year old!! It is amazing how much she has grown and changed in 4 years. It seems like yesterday that she was born yet she acts like such a big girl, which can be good and bad!

Ansley is having an Ariel birthday party today. She loves the princesses still and wants to watch the movies a lot. She is always mid song and dancing, too. Other times she wants to watch Sound of Music which she also sings along to. Recently, she has had a renewed interest in her baby dolls. We are a family of 6 now, because her babies are always eating with us and riding in their car seat in the car and buggy.

A few weeks ago, I asked her what some of her favorites were:

  • Favorite food: Old Mcdonald (aka Mcdonalds), Fries, chicken and ketchup
  • Favorite color: Pink
  • Friends: Brenna and Hayden
  • Favorite Movie: Snow White
  • Favorite Book: Princess book

Ansley has just recently started writing her name on her own. She sometimes gets the order wrong. Which is just too cute to me! We are still working on the other letters and numbers. She loves going to dance and gymnastics. Her dance teacher thinks she will be a great cheerleader based on her energy and loudness! Her mother's day out teacher feels she will be a teacher one day. She likes to mimic her during playtime and often has several of her own students at the empty chairs. We definitely see both of these characteristics! She is bossy, always playing momma to her brothers and baby. Her daddy gave her is loud voice, as well! She can definitely hurt your ears sometimes! 

Growth wise, Ansley is now 35 lbs and 3 foot 5 inches tall. She just started wearing some 5t mainly for her height. She is taking naps most days but has been skipping them more and more. She loves to sleep with Garyn and tends to come in our room at some point on nights she doesn't. We are still putting a pull up on her for naps and at night because she hasn't stayed dry at night yet. Ansley loves to eat carbs and sweets! We have a hard time keeping her sitting at meals to eat. This girl likes to be moving constantly!

Every year at her birthday I am reminded of the precious gift God gave us when she was born. We love you Ansley! Happy Birthday!!

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