Saturday, February 6, 2010

Challange, here we come!!

I wanted to let everyone know that we have been given a challenge and are taking it!
The Challenge: No eating out for a week!

If you know us, we eat out too much. In the 4 years of our marriage it has been something discussed a lot. The problem is we both enjoy it; yet Tyler could eat out every meal, every day. I do get tired of it and HATE the expense of it. Tyler is sooooooo picky and while he has gotten a ton better, we still go back and forth about what to cook. SO...

The lovely Cobble couple have heard and seen the many times we have chosen to eat out instead of at home this last week. They eat at home basically every meal and while I do envy that, I don't envy the cooking and cleaning! However, I AM UP FOR THE CHALLENGE!

I will keep you posted! Do you think we can do it???
Also, please tell me we aren't the only ones who eat out a often do you eat out??

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