Friday, February 19, 2010

New Happenings

Tyler is in Honduras!

He left early this morning and will not be back till Friday the 26th. Didn't know he was going? Yeah, it was a last minute decision and most people I tell had no clue! The mission trip is with our church and has been a yearly trip for like 13 years now. I think most of those years, Tyler has wanted to go! No, seriously, we have talked about it the last few years as a serious possibility and each year made excuses. God closed our mouths as soon as we tried that this year. It was an awesome moment when we both had been thinking on it without knowing the other had, and Tyler said, "I really would like to go this year." Without hesitation, I said "GO and don't worry about the details!" I think that was the second week of January. God has worked it all out fine, too!
Pray for him (and us) as he travels and meets new people. He will be doing some hard labour at an orphanage. He is super excited and I am glad. I will terribly miss him and trust that God will keep him safe, its always hard now when we think of leaving for a long time cause we now have Garyn, too, to be responsible for and to miss! Although, I am hoping to get some time scrap booking and watching girly movies!

Otherwise, I have been trying to stay focused this month. Not as productive as I would like to be, lately. I go thru spurts of wanting to cook and clean, then thru spurts of LAZINESS! Lately, I have been lazy and not worked on much of anything. It drives me crazy when the motivation just isn't there. You know what I mean?? ......speaking of cooking......

I know you all have been sitting on pins and needles waiting to here the results of the challenge...(haha).......The first 4 days were great; we ate at home 4 days in a row!... I was feeling good about it, then Tyler had to go and ruin it. I was highly frustrated, let me just tell you. He told me that he was going to eat with some coaches the next morning at a favorite breakfast spot (Lillie Mae's). I was not successful in talking him out of it; he didn't care to fail at the challenge! So it was over at that point for me. He ate that morning and that night out, the dinner was already planned and an exception, but then the next night we ate out and then Friday night we ate out for Valentines, on and on it went...

Good start, bad ending! Oh well, we haven't tried again, not sure it can happen with that hubs of mine. He just loves his food out!

Well, nap time is almost over, I'll update more on our week alone soon.......

Pictures are of Braxton, Maddox and Garyn at the Creative Discovery Museum one day. Braxton and Maddox come over on Fridays while their mom is at school.

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