Thursday, August 25, 2011

4 months and growing

Baby girl is 4 months today. Although I wasn't as anxious or prepared as I was with Garyn, we tried feeding her cereal earlier today after her morning nap. Big brother was so excited......
                                 I let some of that excitement rub off on me.
I just wasn't ready myself for her to already be eating solids...well this was no where near solid but you catch my drift. With Garyn, I was counting down the days. It truly goes by faster the second time and knowing it will only continue, you just want to hold on ever so tightly to the baby stage.

 She was a little less than excited herself. I think she could smell the breast milk in it and wanted to know why she couldn't just have the breast! She would start her little snorting/ huffing she does when hungry. She opened up for it but doesn't have the swallowing down yet. I think she is only smiling here because she sees her brother who was taking the picture....
          I just love this sweet face.....
 And this one too! She has found her feet within the last week. She constantly grabs them and brings them to her face, but hasn't really tried to suck or chew on them yet.

 She is maneuvering around in her own little way. This pic is an example of how she moves herself around. Now, mind you, she has no idea where she is going or what for yet. Its just the thought that counts :)
            Look at those little chunky legs....thunder thighs as I would say..
She is still dainty, however, in fact most comment on how small she looks after I say her age. She is definitely growing though! I think she is close to 14 lbs by weighing her on my scale. I'm anxious to see the exact weight next week at the doctor.
Her brother just loves her! He was so excited to get the 4 month sticker out and to "feed" her today. Although, I think he was taken back by how it didn't resemble his idea of eating!

Quick synopsis on Ansley's changes:

Loves to: lay on her back and watch things especially fans
also likes to walk around facing out on your hip, never facing in!
And patty cake'n!

Playing progress: plays with toys some now, pulling them all to her mouth.
So cute to hear them rattling in the car!

Sleeping: Has just begun sleeping thru the night more regularly. Goes to bed around 9:30ish by just laying her down and leaving then gets up around 7:30ish. On a bad night she'll wake every 3-4 hours wanting her pacifier.
For naps, she is also doing great about laying down drowsy but awake and staying asleep for an hour or more. She has started going back to sleep after she eats in the morning and not waking up until 10 or even 11! then she sleeps another long nap in the afternoon. She occasionally will cat nap in between feedings in the evening. She is pretty versatile with sleeping on and off if we are not at home.

Feeding: She eats every 4-4.5 hours now. She has just started this which will make it easier to feed her cereal in between. She is still nursing well though!

Growth: Not sure on exacts, like I said, but I think she is close to 14 lbs, and should be an inch or so longer.
She is now in size 2 diapers and 3-6 mo. clothes. Hardly none of the 0-3 fit anymore. Also her hair has grown some! When I put headbands on it almost always sticks out around them and then she has "headband" hair afterwards! It also looks lighter so she may be dirty blond like Garyn and I.

Other: She is officially teething! We have had several bouts of low fever, runny (er) stools and fussiness. She enjoys something to chew on and Tylenol helps her through it well. No sign of a tooth yet.
Also, she seems to recognize when I'm gone now. Not sure how this might tie in with the teething, but the last couple times I've worked she has been fussy with my dad, Tyler and Nana. They say she just isn't content for long at things she normally likes. Again, this may be part of the teething. Who knows!

Hope this month doesn't fly by as fast!

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  1. You have a little sweetheart on your hands! I love how expressive she is!

    .mac :)



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