Monday, August 1, 2011

On a mission...

I am ready for some routine......

Ready to not wonder what I did or didn't get done each day....

Ready to be prepared for and remember what I am doing any given day....

Ready to remember what day it is! 

So I'm on a mission to get back into a routine, a different routine nonetheless, but one where I can feel somewhat together and not like a chicken with my head cut off! Tyler started work today...well scheduled work, I should say.....and that is when I really have to get back into a schedule with the kids. (I still feel odd saying that) Its also football season which means Tyler is extremely busy. Week days he is gone from 6:30am-7ish pm then has Friday where he is gone til past bedtime and Sundays he has meetings from 2ish 'til 9ish. I am tired just writing that.....but he loves it and I love going to the games so its worth it. And this year he is the defensive coordinator! We are excited for him to have gotten this position. Along with this comes more responsibility so he is working on football at home a lot, too. Having said this, I need to be on top of things at home!

Annnnd given that its Aug. 1st I thought I would start listing my monthly goals again.

-Help schedule a Sunday school outing to Vandergriff park
-Take Garyn back to the "beach"
-Take Garyn to ride his bike at a track/park
-set up the inflatable pool and have a play date

-cook at least one meal each week
-be better about having lunch options at home

-clean something daily during the week...bathrooms, floors, tables, and/or kitchen
-stay on top of laundry (I just finished washing, folding, and putting away 5 laundry baskets!)
-disinfect as much as possible (to keep Ansley from getting a cold again)
-clean out the refrigerator

-do learning time with Garyn twice a week
-focus on Garyn writing and counting past 30
-get back in the habit of reading a Bible story to Garyn daily

-start monthly budgeting again
-work on organizing the bills as they come in
-get back to eating out only 2 or 3 times a week
-work on organizing coupons and sticking to grocery budget

I feel a little overwhelmed at this list since I am now caring for an infant as well. The last 3 months have shown me that it doesn't all have to get done in order for life to go on. But I have done little cooking, cleaning, and teaching while doing no budgeting at all. As I stated above, Tyler is not going to be able to help much and I know I can, I just have to put my mind to it! And I am a goal oriented person, feeling defeated when I end the day without doing all I hoped to. Although, thats not always a good thing since I often am doing things with the kids rather than the things I "think" I need to do. I am trying to work on my expectations for the days reminding myself that I would rather spend time with my babies than have the laundry done. In fact, its an ongoing goal I need to have. However, I want to be sane and having a cluttered house makes my mind cluttered.

Now that I have vented and rambled on, I'll get started on these goals!

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  1. You can do it, Sarah! Hang in there! Transitions are tough!

    .mac :)



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