Wednesday, August 17, 2011

He gets it...

I love my little man, as you can probably tell by my posts.

I love that he is loving yet competitive, sweet yet stubborn, and social yet reserved. Lots of oxymorons there but he seems to have such a good balance about his personality. He can get so upset about losing but is gentle and kind in his winning; encouraging you, saying "Good job, momma, you did great!". He can be so stubborn sometimes wanting it his way but always apologizes later for his fits. He'll often say "sorry about that momma" or "I'm sorry I just didn't want to do that". He is also reserved when around new people often watching quietly to observe the situation before he joins in, but he always joins in and loves to be around others. I know I'm partial but I think these qualities make him such an adorable little man!

On to the reason for the post.....

hE GEts It......

He understands he is a big brother now.....
   He'll say "Momma, I'm Ansley's big brother like Eli is Casey's big brother"
   He'll tell me about how he was a baby once, too, and now is bigger and bigger

He understands that we are now a family of four......
    He'll tell me that there is 4 of us now, saying "It's me, you, Ansley and daddy"
    He knows and often states that Ansley was born and now she is here
                                                                      (I absolutely love their faces in this pic)
He knows Ansley is going to get bigger like him....
    He just can't wait until she can play with him
    He loves to ask if she has gotten bigger yet specifically when we go to the doctor

He seems to understand he will be her protector/ leader....
    He already goes to her when she cries giving her a pacifier and telling her its ok
    He talks about teaching her how to play Wii games and how to use the potty

He has such a little conscience about anything he does but specifically..
     He will apologize if he wakes her up
     He asks if he hurt her when she cries and he is playing with her

I love watching the sibling love already between the two. Ansley grins from ear to ear when seeing Garyn. And Garyn just thinks "she is so cute" as he said this morning. This is definitely The Richest Life having two beautiful children to enjoy.
(laughing because he said she "punched" him in the face)

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  1. Aw, I love this post, Sarah. Looking at Sarah (Garyn) and Tyler (Ansley) when I see these pics!

    It's cool to see when a kiddo gets it.

    It's even cooler to see the great big brother Ansley has!

    .mac :)



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