Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy Fun

Busy Fun
That's what I would call these days here in West Virginia ......and we are loving it!!
Any apprehensions we had about this trip were wasted because I can't think of one thing that we have said "Man, I wish ____ was different"

Tyler has confessed his love to our cooks...our menus have been so close to our usual home cooking......

Garyn is loving the outdoors and all his friends being within walking well as the food

I love the fellowship....Tyler can sometimes be a home body, and I love to be at home myself, but I am much more social....that seems so backwards I know!! Tyler is very outgoing, friendly, talkative, etc. , but he likes his house, his food, his car, his TV, his freedom you could say. He usually shys away from large gatherings so that he can talk, think better. But I love to just chill out with people and really considered myself acquainted with their day to day in their world for awhile. I am an observer, I think. Anyway, I enjoy really getting one on one time with my new friends while we are here in West Virginia.

We are definitely busy....

Sunday, some of us went early to the church, or local middle school, I should say, and set up their nursery rooms, chairs, etc.. The work these 7-8 consistent church members do each week to worship amazes us all here. We have a luxury of having such a nice, large, well staffed church back home. During the service some of us took care of the children to give the church members a break to be able to worship. I was in the nursery, Tyler was over in the elementary kids class. I think he was scaring them because I heard the whole lesson from down the hall....he is used to those loud 9th graders.

After church, we headed to the park to have a family fun day for our prospective campers and any others that were in the park. We also went around and passed out fliers hoping to spread the word some more about the camp starting Monday. Lunch was a wonderful bar-b-que....

Can't have a party without bouncy fun! Though, Garyn wasn't too sure about these. He didn't like the craziness of the older kids. He was ok until he got all the way in and would try to stand. My theory is : he couldn't assess his surroundings, Garyn must observe things that he comes in contact with before deciding if he likes them. The instability in the bouncers doesn't allow him to observe.
We had a pretty good turn out of people, don't remember the specifics. But parents were to stay with the kids and get a glimpse of what things we would be doing.
We had free snow cones and cotton candy...that was a hit. Tyler manned the snow cones for awhile....
It ended up being a long day, we didn't leave the park till close to 5......we all pretty much headed to bed after dinner and a meeting...Dinner was spaghetti BTW
The next morning was cool...I just about froze that night before. Garyn came into our bed around 2 am and the full size comforter didn't stretch across the 3 of us. Plus, with Tyler, you always have the AC waaaay down and a fan blowing on you, too. No fear, the Davis' camper was well stocked with blankets for me to have all to myself the next night.
We have continental style breakfast around the picnic tables, come when you want, in between showers and such. Then we head out to the park around 9 everyday to set up before the kids come at 10.

The first day, we had 49 including our 6 participating children! We were pumped, although numbers aren't supposed to be a priority, we still were hoping for a good size group of kids.
We had fun getting to know these children we had been praying about for so long.

Story time.....

Game time.......

Garyn, Ella, Max, Joley, and Jon Ryan go up to the playground (with adults) while we play with the camp kids

Painting rocks for our craft that day......

Again, by the end of the day everyone was tired. The little ones, though, were done by lunch time. Three of us went back with the 5 little ones and tried our best to get them to take a nap...but they still were able to play inside out of the heat and chill out. I went back with them Mon. and Tues. , Wed. I stayed at the park.
Joley didn't quite make it to lunch that day......

JP all worn out....

Like usual, we had a great dinner and fellowship time out by the pond. That night was taco/burrito night! (can you tell this family revolves around food?) We discovered that Garyn is ready for a scooter.....this is a pic of Jon Ryan and Ella but the pink/purple scooter Ella is on is the one Garyn has just about mastered. He'll be getting a boy one for his birthday, I'm sure.

So Tuesday and Wednesday went about the same, but after lunch it started raining today, which ruined our game time. Some parents came to pick them up, some didn't. The guys found another form of entertainment, and I am just glad Garyn was not there....I'm sure he would have been out there with daddy. This pic is of Tyler on the natural slip and slide the rain made.

Whew, it was wet and cold, a lot different from hot and sweaty.
When we got back to the campground, we found that Garyn had another injury. I don't have a picture unfortunately...I'll try to get one up soon. But he fell on a chair and has a cut below his left puffy, bruised eye. As soon as one knot/bruise starts to fade....he gets another.
Pray that is the worst injury he gets this week! Also, pray for our campers, we shared the ABCs of salvation today and we hope it will stir their hearts enough to keep questioning, even if its after we leave. We are really forming bonds with the kids and hope we are impressing good memories, at least, in their lives.
Time for bed...

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  1. Great reporting, Sarah! I am so glad to see the great things happening through God's love.

    I admire you all for your testamonies and endurance.

    Keep up the great work and great times!!

    .mac :)



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