Saturday, June 6, 2009

We've Arrived!

So we have arrived to Hurricane, WV for our mission trip.....can't wait to make some kind of impact in my life or others here in this town that seems like any other town to me.
We had a good trip up in the church van/bus, after much debate about whether to drive or ride, we rode and enjoyed it. Russ was the driver...he did a good job according to Ms. Evie our own Ms. Daisy you could say

Yes, Kent rode all the way here hanging on to the side of the bus.... :)

Garyn made friends quickly.....he seems to have taken to JP there
Our humbly abode for the next week.....
Never having camped quiet like this, I had no idea what to expect. This little guy fits our needs perfectly. Snug on the inside but has all we need for the little amount of time we will actually be in it. Below is our dining room for the week....I love the quaintness of this picture....

And this is our first meal!! Ohhh it was so yummy! Pork lion, salad, green beans, mac & cheese, bread, cookies and sweet tea was for this week is starting off great! I don't think I have to worry about Tyler needing all those snacks I brought

Dinner time...notice natural pond behind us.....the kids were having a hard time staying away including'll see what I mean below

Garyn , with chocolate on his face, decided to run from one side of the shallow creek/mud pit to Julie D. on the other side....notice the leg

Now notice the butt......

Now notice how my leg is also covered.......Garyn is kicking because he didn't see why we had to leave the mud to go take a shower.....

The mud was so thick that both my shoes and Garyn's were stuck in it........Garyn kept saying "I sorea" which means I'm sorry
We graced the showers within 2 hours of arrival, which BTW are lovely! This family bathroom is bigger than our camper and so nice!!
SO that is our first half of the day....I am so excited about the trip....I think God is really going to show me that I don't need to worry about my needs being met, He has all that under control, I just need to follow His lead
Must get to sleep...we are heading to the church tomorrow and teaching the kids SS then having a block party to try and get more awareness out about the upcoming week!
I will try to post more later......Thanks Julie for the pics!

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  1. WOW! Tell everyone we said hello! Have a great time! I can't wait to read your next post!

    .mac :)



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