Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer fun

man I never thought I would go this long without blogging......

but SUMMER is here!!!
At one point in my life, summer was relaxing, swimming, traveling and it still is now but MORE HECTIC!!
Having a husband that teaches should mean summers off, right?? wrong

Honestly I don't know if it has ever been that way for any teacher. This summer is busier, though, for him. He found out 2-3 weeks before school was out that he was going to be the Technology coach next year. Basically, manages all the computers and their up keep, as well as, helping the teachers use them in their classroom. The next week, he found out he was going back to Red Bank Football!

Yes, we have switched again....I was the most apprehensive about it, honestly, between the family and such. More so because I hated for him to move back and forth. Also, I didn't want there to be any hard feelings towards him, from either coaching staff, that would make him feel awkward in his position. HOWEVER, I am now very excited to be back to our alma mater!!
Back to summer talk....
Between football and this new tech job, Tyler has been at school form 7:30-3 just about everday since school got out. Now, he is getting paid more, which what girl doesn't love, and he is pretty flexible about when he has to be there. Football is the only times that are set in stone, but the tech stuff is more on his time.

So.....on top of that I am trying to work one day, or night I should say, extra a week when we are going to be home. And we have two vacations is tomorrow, the other is July 4th.
I'm I rambling or what?!
Summer has just started and I feel like it is already over....I am being so pessimistic right now for some reason.....summer is going to be great.....there, thats better!
In between all of that, there will be some swimming, cookouts, family visiting, movies, boat fun, eating out, shopping, reading books, more swimming!!
AND our anniversary yesterday started it all off!!
June 4th, 2005 we were beautifully married at St. Paul's church and went to Hawaii on our honeymoon......I so wish I had time for pictures

4 years! I feel like this is a milestone when it isn't, just seems like we are no longer considered newly weds, we crossed over a hump or something......nothing compared to these guys who celebrated 53 years of marriage on the 4th as well!

Yes, we got married on Tyler's grandparents' anniversary and also both of their birthdays!! Isn't that share your birthday and anniversary! For that reason, we had no problem chosing June 4th, which fell on a Saturday in 2005. We knew that their precedence of marriage and commentment could only help us!

Now we have our little man, as Tyler calls him. Children are definitely a marriage tester, in my opinoin. Sleep deprivation, tight budget, and not to mention the fact that you both gain too many pounds during the pregnancy, all of these test your patience and love. We made it through and I know God was right there with us! His amazing patience and love for us carries us through those trials of life.

Tomorrow we leave for Hurricane, West Virginia to go on our first mission trip as a family. Garyn is going, if you didn't catch that. I am very excited to see how God works on this trip in us and through us. There are so many unknowns, I think God has gotten exactly what he wants through those unknowns, our full trust and submission.


1)We are staying on a campground in rented pop up campers--we have no idea what they look like or offer in terms of space/beds

2) We are having VBS/kids day-camp for an unknown amount of kids--could be 30-150-??

3)The 37 people that are going include about 16 kids, 8 that are 5 and under including Garyn. We are a little miffed about how much we moms will actually be able to help while taking care of our own.

4) We, Tyler and I, have not planned any of this trip as in what all we will be doing, eating, where we are sleeping, etc. I mean we won't even have our own vehicle! And as a teenager that was not scary, but now as parents, that has been the hardest part for us. Giving up control.

It is nice, though, to just pack.......and we packed a lot not knowing our amenities and daily scheldule. 2 large bags plus 2 small bags. We had to bring our own towels, sheets, blankets, pillows, as well as our clothes and such. So pray for us and the others on our trip. We are helping a church that a missionary couple just started a year or so ago. Next Saturday is when we return.

Garyn is getting bigger, this summer he will be 2!! I can't believe how much he has been changing here resently. He is talking a lot more and is starting to lose that baby look! Getting lots of independence, too. Wants to feed himself, buckle himself in the car, put his shoes on....which he can not do any of these very well yet. He says "No" to me a lot.....time outs and spankings are becoming more frequent.

I must go now....I still have a few toys, snacks and books to pack for our 6-7 hour bus ride tomorrow.

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  1. Good luck in Hurricane! I really hoped we could have gone...but Kenny is in a wedding in New York next weekend. I hope the trip is life changing for so many.

    Get back safely and blog it all!!!

    .mac :)



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