Thursday, June 11, 2009

Injuries in West Virginia

So there is a group of injured now.......

Garyn and his eye

Maddie Godbehere jammed her finger so bad she has a splint

Marty Malone hurt his back

Kendall Davis got her hand slammed into a door

Thankfully none are serious...but nevertheless the 2 above girls have made an injured club.

Here is the pic of Garyn......

Today it looks a little more puffy and bruised. He isn't bothered by it at all, of course. You can still see the skin racing mark in between his eyes. The next pic is him fighting with Max's punching bag......we have been saying he is getting ready for his next fight.......

It rained a lot this morning, enough to where the 5 babies never went over to the park, 3 of us stayed here with them, including me. While in the house Garyn fell out of a chair and bit his tongue...blood was all over me and him.....I am starting to wonder if he is going to be clumsy like me and his nana.....I hope its just the boy in him.

Skip made pancakes for breakfast, cinnamon-pecan-wheat, chocolate cip, and plain! The cooks wanted the rest of the day off, per se, so we got Chick fil A for lunch and then we all loaded up and headed to the mall for dinner. Most of us ate at Ruby Tuesdays. Again, right down Tyler's alley!

We are starting to feel the end of the trip sad! We have made our little niche here, I could probably last another week........Amy B. couldn't though, poor thing, camping isn't her thing, much less when she is pregnant. She is sleeping better, though, up in the house with Ms. Betty and Mrs. Evie.

Garyn is saying so much more, it seems. His vocabulary now includes: "don't like it", "hold you?", "Amy", "Joley", "Max", "kick ball", etc.. He will be talking in sentences before I know it.

Tomorrow is a long day, we won't be back til close to 7. We are all getting tired and losing stamina here and we want to drive the messages home tomorrow.

See you soon guys!!

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  1. Keep up the great work, Sara! Get home safely!

    .mac :)



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