Monday, January 3, 2011

Goals: December wrap up and January's fresh goals!

Well the holiday season is over, all the Christmas is up (!), and Tyler is back to work. I have been thinking, "Oh, I'll get that done after Christmas" about organizing, nursery projects and so on. Well now is the time!

First, I would like to share the goals of December that got completed (or not).....

-We did have a Sunday School party but unfortunately we were out of commission from the stomach bug so it was changed to another person's house. We missed the party entirely!
-We had a date night, actually the same night I got sick. We ate at Big River and did a little Christmas shopping. I ate a lot within a couple hours and thought I just had indigestion. Well at 2 am I realized the indigestion was the throw-up bug that Garyn had earlier that week! (Tyler got sick just hours later)
-Did attend the Cookie/Dessert swap, yum!
-We went to Rock City
-Christmas was wonderfully white and just perfect!

-Cleaned and decorated a lot, throughout, so I feel pretty good about that
-Purple room is still messy
-Desk is much better! :)

-Made cookies and desserts!
-Unsure if we cooked twice every week but feel we did considerably better than we normally do when Tyler is out of school (and wanting to eat out constantly!)

-Did get the downstairs bathroom finally finished painting wise!
-Upstairs bathroom has progressed closer to being complete but still has 2 things that Tyler needs to do
-Made Lorna's memo/photo board for her room and painted her name like she asked for (funny thing about this is that I posted to pic of me painting her name on Facebook and a lot of people thought I had changed Ansley's name to Lorna)
-Did not get to the advent tree :(

-Garyn can now count to 20 and knows almost all 108 of his sight word cards, however we didn't work at it as much as planned, but I am happy he is progressing :)
-Did lots of teaching about the true meaning of Christmas and Garyn seemed to understand whose birthday it was and wanted to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus a lot.
-I felt I was better about the internet but it is a goal I continually need to work on

-I am happy to say I am 2 chapters away from finishing "Don't Make Me Count to Three". I knew once I picked it back up I would dive right back in. I will finish this month!
- We did many Bible family times and discussions, but didn't keep up with the Jesse Tree devotion. It was hard for Garyn to understand, so we read some of the Christmas story verses and books we had.
-I have gone up and down with my devotion time, as always. Working nights shouldn't be an excuse but it is mine. At night, when Tyler wants to go to be at 9:30 or 10, and I am not sleepy, it is the best time for me to do my devotion. But when we stay up later (we have been up past 11 almost every night!) and when I work, the devotion time unfortunately gets cut. Its a work in progress constantly......

-Its going a lot better, we have planned out where $ needs to be spent more and more throughout the year and month.

-I had fun with decorating this year, I like making the holidays more special for us and mainly Garyn by having the decorations up.
-I started by procrastinating with the wrapping......but once I started it was all wrapped within 2 days and I decided it wasn't that bad. In fact, our cat opened a present and tried to open many more so it was better that I didn't have to contend with him all month!

OK! Now to the new ones for January!

-Have some friends over for dinner
-Date/movie night
-Play more games as a family with Garyn (he got several for Christmas)

-Finish cleaning desk
-Work hard to get Purple/Ansley's room cleared out
-Stay on top of laundry and basic cleaning weekly

-Freezer Cooking day
-make 2 new recipes this month
-help Tyler and us to have more options for lunch

-Do the little art project I have been wanting to try for the 2 baby showers I have this month
-Work on baby bed
-help Tyler with deck/door installation.....can't wait for this to be finished

-work with Garyn on reading and counting 2-3 times a week
-work on Garyn's cleaning/responsibilities with his playroom and toys

-Finish "Don't make me Count to Three"
-Work on adjusting devotion time on weekends and nights I work
- Make prayer time as a family and on my own a higher priority

-Continue weekly cash flow budgeting
-Use cash only for eating out and grocery
-Really try to buy only what is necessary!

-Bathe dogs if we have a warm enough day and take them to vet or at least make the appt.
-Make dentists appts for the 3 of don't want to know how long its been since we have been!
-Make eye doc appt.
-Sale 3-4 items on Ebay

Whew! I am tired already just writing/reading all this. But excited to make progress to achieve my goals for the month!

And some baby progress....
Today, I am 24 weeks! Can't seem right, but moving right along. She moves a lot more and is higher up. Although, she is kicking my bladder more often making me have to go to the bathroom frequently! Garyn is still talking to her a lot, but won't stay still long enough to feel her. Tyler feels her often, and loves to check up on her daily. Just have to work on getting everything ready for her now!

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