Friday, January 28, 2011

My babies.....

Being 27 weeks, the reality of a second child is hitting home more and more lately. That may sound odd, cause obviously we were trying and hoping to get pregnant. Plus, we have been through this once and know that the baby inside will soon be outside in our arms growing faster than ever. However, maybe its because she is the second or because it took so long to become pregnant, but I still am in shock at times. I'll think "Wow, I'm the one walking around with a pregnant belly....I'm the one talking about when my baby is due, what I am doing in the nursery, etc......I'm the one that is about to have a boy and a girl at home to care for..."

As she has grown, moved, kicked, gotten the hiccups...I have come to reality that there is a little person inside there with a personality. I have to remind myself, its not just my imagination or a dream. I remember feeling that way some with Garyn, but I took the miracle of pregnancy for granted more than I do now. It was more of just a common event we all go through. I didn't ever fathom the wonder of it and the effect it has had on my life when Garyn entered the world. The significance of Ansley is so much more apparent this pregnancy. Not only that we were unsure if we would ever get pregnant again, but that she will be another dynamic in our family. We don't know her much now but soon we won't be able to imagine life without her. Most importantly, God choose her to be apart of this family and in trusted Tyler and I to raise her!

Ok, so I really didn't intend to get so deep in this post! I just started writing and thoughts came out!

My first baby, Garyn, is not technically a baby anymore since this week marked his officially "3 & 1/2" status.... although he frequently tells me he is and wants to be held like a baby. He loves for me to say "I love you, too, baby" and if I respond with a simple "I love you" he reminds me to say baby. Some of this has started since becoming pregnant but some things were from before. He also likes for me to hold him like a baby and says he is my baby boy.

Garyn is beginning to give Tyler and I attitude when we are telling him something. He has such facial expressions that just make you want to laugh, but you can't. He'll say "Momma, you just sit down and eat your lunch!" after I tell him to. So we are working on explaining what attitude is and who is and isn't in charge.

We are learning he has a competitive streak to go along with his stubbornness. He is still addicted to Wii games. Mariokart has become a nightly family ritual. Also, boxing is high on the list of favorites. And boy he gets so mad when we knock him out, but he can knock us down all day! In fact, he tells us to not hit him or else crying/tantrum proceeds. (above pic is him boxing)

Other times, he has such a sweet loving nature about him. He frequently tells me he is sorry for doing something, usually something that I hadn't even noticed. For example, he will tell me sorry for making a mess while he is cleaning it up. He has become a snuggler and kisser, showering us to the point we have to back away to breathe. He wants to be tickled and kissed frequently, too.

Garyn also has a new friend, baby dragon. Baby dragon entered our family about a month ago. (BTW, Garyn is also reading the last 2 sentences as I type. The only words he didn't know were entered, about and a month....geez can't hide anything from him!) He is from the movie "How to train a dragon" and sometimes there are 30 of them! Baby dragon eats with us, goes to the store, even got checked out by the doctor. Some days, he may only speak of him once or twice and others it is all day. I think it is cute and have heard it is a good sign for them to have imaginary friends. We just play right along treating him as if he were there.

(couldn't get a good pic of the ultrasound pictures but this is her head turned sideways, forehead is to the left)

And then there is my second baby, Ansley, who hasn't made her grand appearance into this world. Right now, she moves frequently, probably once an hour or two. We are beginning to be able to see movements from just watching my belly. She is around two pounds, keeps me hungry, although she is now giving me more and more heartburn that has slowed down the eating. My bladder gets kicked or pressed on frequently! I am getting up at least twice a night now to go to the bathroom. Otherwise though, I still sleep pretty good.

When we last went to the doctor, she was moving her mouth in sucking motions or something. Dr. Brody told Garyn she was sticking her tongue out at him. He thought it was so funny. I haven't noticed her moving any certain time or to a voice or anything yet. But she seems to be having a party in there when she does move here lately. Still mind boggling how she can fit in my stomach and move like she does. God is truly amazing to have designed the whole process of pregnancy and birth.

I still think Garyn is going to love his baby sister. I foresee jealousy when my time is being taken up but for the most part I think he will enjoy her. He is attentive to other babies; being gentle when touching them and concerned if they are crying. Today, we were buying diapers and he asked what for. I told him for Ansley and he replied "Cause he doesn't want to poop in his pants" (we are working on the he/she usage still).  I just can't wait to see what he says when he first sees her. I know that will be a moment Tyler and I will never forget.

So now that reality has set in that there is about to be two babies (one big and one small) that need my love and attention, I am feeling the weight of my responsibilities to prioritize and cherish the days. I already wonder where Garyn's baby face has went and how he all the sudden is acting like a little boy rather than a toddler. Its all part of the richest life that God has given me. I hope to take in as much of it that I can and not keep wishing the days away for the next "thing" I think I need or want to do.

I do know that these babies will always be my babies no matter how much they have grown. I am glad to have many of the moments documented through these posts. Hope you enjoy the updates, too!

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  1. I do enjoy the updates!

    You are gonna be a wonderful mother to 2...don't you worry.

    It is a lot of work and takes some obvious adjuesting to, but beofer you know it, it's like you have been doing it all your life!

    I am soooooo excited for baby Ansley's arrival...April is such a beautiul month for a birthday.

    Keep enjoying that belly and that Garyn!

    .mac :)



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