Monday, January 31, 2011

It's the end of January!

Time to look over those January goals and see how I did.....

The snow and lots of time off for Tyler turned out good and bad, some things we didn't get done and others that we were not planning to do we did. Anyway, on to the list.....

  We didn't have friends over, the night was planned and then it snowed, but we did eat out with some friends we hadn't done so with in a while.
   Date/movie night: check, check- actually had 2, one was a movie night with Garyn this last weekend and he sat through the whole Yogi Bear movie without moving
   Playing games: check hasn't been a ton (considering Garyn could play them everyday) but we have played 2-3 nights a week


-Finish cleaning desk: check!
-Work hard to get Purple/Ansley's room cleared out: check!
-Stay on top of laundry and basic cleaning weekly: mostly a check, but I always want it cleaner!

Easy Tomato chicken (recipe to follow)

-Freezer Cooking day: no check... :( always next month
-make 2 new recipes this month: check!  made 3 new meals, can't wait to share!
-help Tyler and us to have more options for lunch: haven't eaten out much at all for lunch so check I guess


-Do the little art project I have been wanting to try for the 2 baby showers I have this month: done!
-Work on baby bed: strike
-help Tyler with deck/door installation.....can't wait for this to be finished : strike, the snow hindered this, but we did get started and almost finished the master bath redo
(One of the two baby craft projects)

-work with Garyn on reading and counting 2-3 times a week: check! Garyn can read all 108 of his sight words and is counting well to 20, almost can get to 30 without help
-work on Garyn's cleaning/responsibilities with his playroom and toys: we are doing well with this, he doesn't automatically do it (will he ever? no!) but he obliges quickly when I say he needs to clean up his playroom and/or put away his cup and dishes from the table


-Finish "Don't make me Count to Three": DONE! yea! highly recommend to those with children
-Work on adjusting devotion time on weekends and nights I work: fairly well done, missed maybe 3 days/night the whole month
- Make prayer time as a family and on my own a higher priority: better, excited about Emphasis on Prayer study our church is doing, it has been helping more this last week

-Continue weekly cash flow budgeting: Check! we have jumped leaps and bounds about this, still spent more than budget at times on things that weren't a priority, but it has helped to curb all that nonsense spending
-Use cash only for eating out and grocery: not so much, but stuck well to the budget
-Really try to buy only what is necessary!: check as stated above

-Bathe dogs if we have a warm enough day and take them to vet or at least make the appt. 1/3 check, had 8 inches of snow at the beginning of the month but the 60 degree Saturday this past weekend gave us a day to bathe the just need to make the appt and take them before they are dirty again!
-Make dentists appts for the 3 of don't want to know how long its been since we have been! strike again!
-Make eye doc appt. : done!
-Sale 3-4 items on Ebay: done!

Well, I had felt it wasn't as productive, but it wasn't bad at all. Now on to February!

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  1. Great job, Sarah!

    You really do a wonderful job of reaching for a nailing down those goals...I like it!!!

    .mac :)



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