Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Goals

Got lots to do (I feel) before Ansley comes in April so I need to stay focused!

Enjoy time with Garyn doing things he loves...which is mainly Wii games right now
Date night with hubs for Valentines
Dinner with friends (either out or at home)
Tyler goes to Honduras...vicariously enjoy his trip since I am so jealous right now
Go to Women's Retreat!

Clean off bedroom dresser
Finish cleaning out Garyn's closet
Keep up housework as best as possible

Freezer day!
Continue trying to have leftovers and lunch options

Work on baby bed, changing table and find/paint a dresser...
Get master bath finished up and blog about it
Paint Ansley's wall craft thingy...from previous month/post
Hang mirror/pictures in hallway
Help and encourage Tyler through the deck/french door project

My new goal for Garyn is to work on writing his name
Research/apply for preschools for next year
Work on his patterns and opposites

Continue and finish Emphasis on Prayer study
Prioritize devotion time
Begin reading one of the many child discipline/raising books suggested at MOPS...more details later

Continue weekly cash flow budgets
Eat at home all but 3 times a week (includes lunch)
Continue saving for time off with maternity leave (when I broke my foot I used up a lot of my hours, so I still can get off for maternity leave but I will have less hours to draw from. It is driving me bananas, Tyler has full faith we will be just fine...maybe this should be under prayer.... :) )
Start saving for beach vacation (which will be right after or at the end of my maternity leave)

Make appt for dogs
Make appt for dentist
Sale 5 items on Ebay....bumping it up
work on JBF sale items

1 comment:

  1. Great goals, Sarah!

    I have some of my own stashed away in my journal to knock out!

    .mac :)



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