Saturday, February 5, 2011


I just love a good deal.

I crave it actually...the coupon cutting and organizing can be such tedious work but when I look at the sales and make my list then head out and come home with deals it is so worth it! I can't imagine shopping without some type of deal/coupon-ing going on.

Today was the Goodwill half off sale, and though it wasn't the same without my two buddies, it was pretty sweet to come home with this:

I found Garyn 3 nylon pants for next year, a polo short sleeve, camo water-proof gloves and some Mariokart pajama pants. For Ansley, I found a flower clock, those adorable polka dot shoes, yellow bloomers, red shorts and a long sleeve shirt. I also got a black frame and best of all a Cars sleeping bag:

The excitement Garyn has found out of this is the best! He hasn't ever really seen one so I was unsure if he would think it was cool or not. He loves it and wanted his pic taken with it. Best of all, it looks brand new and was only $3.50! I barely got it away from him to wash it!

My Goodwill total was $15.01... Pretty sweet, I must say!

Kmart was doubling coupons this week, which made for another exciting trip. Although, not as exciting as it used to be since they have put so many restrictions on it. I did get some good deals though....

Contact solution, Huggies tub of wipes, 2 cereals, 2 big bags of Lays chips, Glade scented oil twin pack, and Covergirl eyeshadow all for $12 and some change. I had to add the B1G1 Lays chips though to make it $25 before tax and coupons, so that was frustrating. It still came out to a lot for just, $12 though.

(I had a pic but Tyler took the camera to HONDURAS with him today! Post on that as soon as he returns)

Also, went to Publix and Bilo, no spectacular deals that I can think of,
but I spent $25 and $20 at those places. Then $7 at Aldi's getting produce and milk.

Can't wait till next week!

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  1. Good job, Sarah! I sure wish I could have gone with you. I think it's time we set up an official "we are going for sure" date!

    .mac :)



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