Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Latest Couponing Deals....

So I haven't been doing the "This Weeks $60" as I'm sure you have noticed. I don't really have the time to detail it out (and don't think you girls are interested in reading all that anyway!) BUT I still love the deals I get each week and just want to share sometimes. I won't be listing each item price and coupons used but I plan to do some "This weeks $60" again. It most likely won't be every week, either, just those that I am excited about!

Yesterday and today was the first time in awhile that I really planned and prepared for couponing. During the busy Christmas season, I would go to one, maybe two stores, and my coupons were a mess! I have gotten them back into somewhat of an organized state now. It takes some work but I did miss it and had that "Yes!" feeling again about grocery shopping.

This is Bilo and Publix combined. All of this was $31 dollars with tax! I mean 3 juice bottles, Gatorade, cereal, 6 yogurts, 2 packs chicken, 3 muffin mixes and would have cost at least $50-60 dollars without the coupons and sale prices. restock and feel good about it.

I also went to Aldi, one of my favorite place to just go get those random things you need that aren't on sale (or you don't have a coupon for)....I spent $25 there on produce, chips, dog food, milk and bread, and a couple other things I don't remember.

However, one of my most exciting trips was to CVS yesterday. I didn't take a picture of this either. I did 3 transactions to use my ECBs and got a smart light bulb, jumbo pack of newborn Huggies diapers (40 ct.), 3 small Palmolive dish soaps and 2 Hydrogen peroxide bottles. I spent $8.06 total! The diapers alone were $8.99 on sale plus a $1 ECB. Gotta start saving up for Miss Ansley!

Well, there is my quick $64 spent this week. I went over some but I haven't been spending even $40 lately using up stock so I am ok with that!

Have you found any good deals lately that made you want to hop, skip and jump out of the store?!

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  1. So awesome!!! I really want to start doing that. I have never "couponed" except 1-2x at CVS, never at the grocery store. Do you do the deals yourself or do you have a website you look at to find out what's best?

    Please keep doing this!! I love it!



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