Saturday, September 3, 2011

August ends

Well there goes another month. They just fly by faster and faster!

For August, I did fairly well completing my goals considering I have another little person to tend to now.

(We did go to Coolidge and Garyn rode the carousel for the first time completely by himself)


-Help schedule a Sunday school outing to Vandergriff park (We had a date planned then decided it was still too hot so we are postponing it for a little bit)

-Take Garyn back to the "beach" (Didn't get to this)

-Take Garyn to ride his bike at a track/park (Nor this, I think the heat keeps us inside)

-set up the inflatable pool and have a play date Yay!

And we went to the Wilderness in Pigeon Forge! We liked it so much that we will be returning in October!
(5 boys and 2 baby girls had a play date)


-cook at least one meal each week

-be better about having lunch options at home

I can honestly say those were both done, Tyler has no excuse to eat out for lunch!
(such cuties, Garyn was hiding from the sun)


-clean something daily during the week...bathrooms, floors, tables, and/or kitchen

-stay on top of laundry (I just finished washing, folding, and putting away 5 laundry baskets!)

-disinfect as much as possible (to keep Ansley from getting a cold again)

-clean out the refrigerator

This category is always at the top of my list. I love when laundry and cleaning go smooth and don't take a whole day to complete because I have procrastinated. Oh and the fridge was awful!
(Garyn is still in the sun, but its better)


-do learning time with Garyn twice a week

-focus on Garyn writing and counting past 30

-get back in the habit of reading a Bible story to Garyn daily

We have done pretty well with learning time, I bought some new workbooks and he can almost count to 40. He is also doing good about being able to write 1,2, & 3. Also, has started counting in Spanish which is something Nick Jr. has taught him! We didn't read a Bible story everyday but have been reading almost every lunch or breakfast we are at home for.
( The one and only Wilderness trip picture I got! But the mini golf is definitely his favorite part)


-start monthly budgeting again

-work on organizing the bills as they come in

-get back to eating out only 2 or 3 times a week

-work on organizing coupons and sticking to grocery budget

Ok this section is pretty bad. I started to do a budget but then quickly reneged on it. Then the bills are some better but are now piled on the desk rather than filed. (at least they aren't scattered around all the tables though) We won't even talk about the eating out! And the coupons are more organized but not as well as I would like. Grocery budget has improved but not back to $60 yet!

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