Thursday, September 15, 2011


Laster-day ?
You probably are wondering what in the world that means....
But if you were in the world of Garyn, you would totally know....

In fact, most of you moms with talking children have probably already figured it out....
Laster-day means yesterday or last week or 2 months ago...basically just past.....
Sometimes laster-year is used interchangeably with laster-day...

I love Gman's little quirky words and sayings. They really crack me up  sometimes.
He also likes to say things backwards.....
for instance... busterblock= blockbuster (which can I say vanished right before our eyes!)
another is krispie rice = rice krispies. He also says "core" for "score"
The tenses of sentences are off sometimes, too. He will say, "That's just not making me tired" or "I was just getting hungry" which means "I don't want to take a nap" & "I'm hungry". Notice the "just" use too, he typically finds a way to work those into his sentences.

(making a pattern during our learning time)

However, he has lost and is losing a lot of his baby talk. A LOT! I was reminded that he is not a baby today when dropping him off at preschool. I did just that dropped-him-off.....he walked in (with the preschool director) from outside in the car line! Yes, car line baby boy just jumped out and started putting his back pack on which was when I jumped out wanting to at least get a kiss. Well, I had to ask for that kiss after he had walked up half the steps!

(Playing with his cousin at the family reunion)

I truly was excited though, remembering the many times I had taken him to Mother's Day out or church only to hear him cry and scream the whole way in and my whole way out. I want him to love it and look forward to going so I am happy that he is happily going in.

(Went to feed the ducks and had a picinc)

He is so imaginative now, too. We play games he has made up and he still has his "friends" that come around every so often to play. We make teams that include Mario, Luigi and such. He is also in love with "hide n' go seek" telling us who is going to hide and where. He likes for Ansley to play, too, and will pretend she is hiding, saying "Where is Ansley?" when she is in plain sight.

("Cheese" , note the Mario shirt with all his friends)

You can watch his little brain working while he is retelling a story. He remembers a lot so you have to watch what you say.... But he will tell us about what bible story they covered in Sunday school class or will remind us of the last time we all went to ____. On the other hand, he has started being a boy about talking to me. I have to work things out of him like what he did while at school or church. He will randomly tell us tid-bits but when you ask its always "yeah" or "no". Today, I was asking him about the spaghetti plate he had made with yarn at preschool, just trying to figure out what they were doing related to spaghetti. He told me, "Momma, it was just our craft." I am already the nagging mom I guess :)

(Banana Pudding)

One other new interest of Garyn's is helping out in the kitchen. He loves to get his chair and help make meals. He wants to put things in the toaster and help pour drinks. He has also been requesting to make desserts. We made a yellow cake with chocolate icing last week and this week we made banana pudding. He will also help fill the dishwasher! I hope this continues because his daddy is a big help in the kitchen and more often than not does the cooking and cleans up the dishes. As a wife, I love that! I want Garyn to feel comfortable in the kitchen and know how to cook! (Can I just say that gave me chills thinking one day he will be helping his wife in the kitchen!)

The present is awesome, though, having such a sweet rambunctious boy! And laster-day will forever be in my vocabulary now!


  1. So cute! I love reading Blogs - especiially ones with cute stories & pictures :)

  2. What a fun glimpse into your life. Thanks for sharing!



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