Saturday, September 3, 2011

September Begins....

So here are the September goals....
  (Don't forget to look at how August ended)

-Plan SS girls dinner
-attend Girls Craft night!
-have a Jewelry party!
-go to Family reunion

-make Ansley's pacifier holder
-work on Ansley's first year photo album
-hang some pictures
-work on wreath craft for Girls night

-continue to do 1 of these cleaning chores daily
   (mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, straightening tables, cleaning up kitchen, straightening bedrooms)
-clean off desk

-cook one meal at home a week, & eat at home at least twice a week
-small freezer cooking day :)

-continue with Garyn's writing; last name and more #'s
-Bible story, Bible story, Bible story!

-stick to $60 grocery budget!
-eat out only 3 times a week! (we always go out on Sunday after church, and 1 night with defense coaches, then either on the weekend or Tuesday nights at Chick fil a......and then there is that occasional "oh just meet me at _____ before I have to go to ____. I am failing to mention the Friday nights before the football game! oh, its hard people!)

-tag and take consignment items
-work on coupon book
-bathe dogs

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