Monday, January 16, 2012

Ansleys 8 months old

Ansley is 8 months now but only for 10 more days! (sighhh it goes by too fast!)
She is a ball of fire right now. Smiling and laughing a lot but also growls, screams and yells just as much.
Thats why ball of fire is the most appropriate description of her right now!

She loves to stand, climb, and jump. She is cruising all around the tables, couch, and any thing else she can reach. If you try to get her to stand on her own, though, she immediately sits down. As for climbing, she tries to climb on the table, chairs but she has mastered climbing out of the highchair onto the table. We have a brick fireplace surround in the playroom that she climbs onto now, too. Her favorite thing to climb into is the dish washer. As soon as I open it up, she takes off for it. When you hold her, she constantly climbs up your side. Its quite funny really how active she is.

All that activity makes her tired against her own wishes! She started fighting sleep terribly at the beginning of her 8 month mark (and at the end of 7 months). Every since she was sick in November, I guess, it started getting hard to lay her down for nap. I was constantly having to come in to lay her back down and insert the paci. It progressively turned into her just not sleeping until we were in the car or I fed her. She was also doing this a lot at night, waking up more and more just wanting to be nursed back to sleep. Then after keeping Tyler up a few nights when I worked, we decided it was time to let her cry it out.
She has been doing much better now. Waking less at night and napping better during the day. She still fusses some but isn't as loud and mad.

She is still saying mama and dada some. Not sure she is using them to ask for us yet, though. She has also said nana and bye bye a handful of times. However, she definitely knows how to yell and scream for what she wants. She isn't horrible by any means but lets us know when she is mad or wants something. She also does it for attention. We were at the store one day and she squealed a few times while looking at the cashier. Once the cashier stopped and talked to her, she just smiled and stopped yelling. It was quite humorous. We are working on her wave and clapping. A few times she has done them on her own surprising me.  

She is liking baby food more and more. Again, she runs the show and chooses what she will and won't eat. Vegetables are not her favorite so I have to mix them a lot with some fruit. She is eating some table food, like scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, bread/rolls, cheerios and the baby puffs. Everything and anything, really, go into her mouth. But there are still no teeth in there.
Size wise, she weighs 18 lbs now and seems to have gotten a little longer based on her clothes. She is wearing 6-9 months. Her face has definitely filled out more. Her hair has gotten longer, too.

Garyn loves to pick her up now and move her. Usually that comes along with her being in his toys! His favorite cars are her favorite, too! Never fails that he will get a race lined up with his cars and she will come along grabbing. She just wants to do everything he is doing all the time. When he plays Wii, she starts climbing into the entertainment center getting the other Wii remotes. He loves for her to chase him. Really she just crawls from one door to another while he runs back and forth. They both just laugh and squeal!

One of my favorite times is for us to all be in the playroom floor tickling and wrestling. Ansley has taken a liking to this time too, and starts growling at us as she comes crawling on top of us. It is so cute!
Savoring these days!

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