Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Part 2

Well, here is the rest of our Christmas gatherings......

We left our house to go to my family in Georgia first. Always enjoy seeing them all since we live furthest from them.

This is Ansley and Kaysie Lee, my cousin, Ansley's second cousin....

Tyler and Garyn had a little rest before we ate....remember how I said all four of us were up most of the night!

My grandmother, two cousins and niece Lorna with Ansley...

This was taken the week after Christmas, when we went down, but this is my grandfather with the kids..

Once we left Georgia, we drove back into Tennessee to go to Tyler's grandparents. We always play games after our eating and present festivities. It makes for a great ice breaker to get everyone talking and there is always lots of laughing!

Ansley and her other great grandfather....

Then the week after Christmas, we drove up to Clinton, TN to visit Mimi and Didi, Poppa's mom and step dad. We also got to see Poppa's sister, brother and their families...

This is Mimi with Ansley and I and below she is with Tyler and Philip, his brother.

Mimi and his Aunt Sharon were shocked when Tyler started making the biscuits!

He is one handy man, I tell you! He makes some good food!
We have gone to visit them the week after Christmas two years in a row now so I think it is becoming a great tradition! We don't see them much through out the year. Looking through these pictures I love how Garyn and Ansley get to see and know their great grandparents. They have a lot! I only remember my great grandmother who died when I was in middle school, so I hope they stay close to them and remember them well!

Next up is our trip to my brother's house for our Christmas with them and my dad.
We went on New's Year Eve, stayed the night, and had a great visit just hanging out.

The kids nephew doesn't want his picture made anymore, I could just ring his neck because I could have got some good pictures if only he were smiling! Guess that's a 12 almost 13 year old for you!

Ansley getting into mischief, she loved Aunt Karen's roosters...

We had steaks, potatoes and salad....

Pretty girls....notice Lakelin hiding behind the pillow

 Lakelin has joined the FFA at his school (Future Farmers of America) and as a project they are raising goats. My brother, Josh, has really jumped right into it all. They have anywhere from 8-15 goats most days! This little guy is one of three and wasn't getting enough milk, so he is getting bottle fed. He was about 3 days old when we were there.

Ansley curiously watched him.....

Garyn helped...

See what I mean!

Garyn just adores that Lakelin, though, so I guess we will just have to deal with the teenager stuff!

I think that ends our Christmas festivities! Although, I did find some pictures of a few festivities we did before Christmas that I need to post next.

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