Thursday, January 5, 2012

January Goals

2012 is here! and I am already 6 days into January without any goals! Well, I know it isn't that big a deal, however, they have been floating around in my head a lot already!

One thing I want to change about my goal posts are to do them by weeks instead of category. That way I can visualize it a little better. Couldn't hurt, right?

Week 1:
Fri thru Sun
-finish organizing Ansley's drawers and closet (As always she is quickly moving through those clothes!)
-put away work uniforms (Still working, but went to 1 single color uniform so don't need all my old ones)
-finish putting away Christmas
-post Christmas pics
-work Sunday night

Week 2:
Monday & Tuesday
-make baby food with new food processor (Christmas gift!)
-work on coupons
-work on laundry
-MOPS card list
-sort through mail and bills for the week

Wed & Thursday
-organize Toy room
-fix a new crock pot meal
-clean floors & bathroom
-post Ansley's 8 months
-work on picture frames

Friday,Saturday & Sunday

-work on laundry
-straighten tables
-plan dinner
-cleaning up kitchen
-work Saturday night

Week 3:
-sort through mail and bills
-work on coupons
-work Monday night

Tuesday & Wednesday
-put up jackets in hall closet
-switch out scarves and robe racks
-find things downstairs to sell/donate
-grocery store
-work on dinner for this week

Thursday & Friday
-clean floors and bathrooms
-Ansley's paci holders
-work on blog background

Saturday & Sunday
-straighten tables
-clean up kitchen
-hang pictures
-work Sunday night

Week 4:
Monday & Tuesday
-clean up desk
-work on coupons
-sort bills and mail
-find things to sell/donate
-freezer dinner ?

Wed & Thursday
-Ansley's doc appt
-find dentist for Tyler & I
-visit Georgia and hair appt
-work on laundry
-clean floors & bathroom
-grocery store
-plan dinner for both nights

Friday & Saturday
-help Tyler with a house project
-straighten tables and clean up kitchen

-work Sunday night
-sort bills and mail
-plan dinner each night
-finish up any loose goals!

I think I am going to like this way of dividing up the goals. It seems more realistic when I can see what days I have open compared to when I'm working. Although, I wanted to leave it vague by putting some days together so that I didn't feel to scheduled! I also wanted to mention that a lot of my old goals of learning time and Bible story with Garyn have become more routine. I didn't add them for that reason. I do need to work on my own Bible time, though. I have been reading a great book (it is a Christian that's even a good excuse) and it has caused me to slack. I hope to get some more book reading done this year but don't want to plan on it yet!

Starting out fresh in 2012 feels good!

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