Tuesday, January 24, 2012

two way conversation

(this picture is from this fall, but I loved how they were just admiring one another)

I listened today as Garyn and Ansley had a conversation.
It went something like this:

G: "Come on baby girl, come this way"

A: "UAHHH" and begins crawling towards him

G: "Just keep going here and we gotta go to work"....
"watch out for that crab (the stacking cups)"

A: "OOUH" ( her new favorite noise, reminds me of the way Hondurans say "OOIY" the way we say "oh my" or "geez")

G:  heavy sighs "ok, well we can go this way if you want"
"lets go in here"

A:  no noises just quietly sits, then takes off crawling to follow
{need to mention I am in another room, but invisioning the looks and gestures as I listen}

G: walking into bathroom, "watch your fingers" then I hear a door shut


G: "alright baby girl, we have to stay in here and work"
{I come to check on the situation to find her in bathroom floor and him smiling behind the door}
 when I ask what they are doing , G replies "working" and I say "Oh, ok well, why don't you come work out here"

A: "UAAAHH" as if to say, "leave us alone"

G: "come on baby girl, we'll go find another place to work"

A: crawls out following right behind.....

I love these times. Listening, watching the two of them play together. Even though Ansley doesn't speak, they totally understand each other as much as they want to. Garyn can make up her words (just what he wants to do really) and she just enjoys the attention from him. Its really fun knowing they will always be able to play together and yes I know it won't always be so peaceful! 

I love my days with these two at home! The memories we will have watching the two of them and their imaginations!

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  1. This will be sooooo wonderful to look back on when they are all grown up!

    .mac :)



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